Last night's dream

I had dinner with Hiro Nakamura at his favorite restaurant outside Tokyo. We then drove in his car into Tokyo. Or tried to, anyway-- there was a giant hill in the way. Hiro said he knew where we were going, but he couldn't find the road. Suburban Tokyo looked suspiciously like suburban Boston. Hiro was a nice guy.

When do we get more Heroes, anyway?

Am thoroughly enjoying shadowscast's Giles/Spike SoG story, "It Never Happened".

Have finished draft & revision of same for "Anadeixis". Will now let it sit for several days while I think about it.
Have made significant progress on "Untitled G/E 31st Psalm Story".
Reconnection 3 is stalled.
Have resumed the G/B deeply-emotional weirdly-intellectual cliche-fic.
Pretty much need to do laundry and clean the kitchen instead of any of this.

Am thinking I might have to take some serious steps to break through my current block about finishing things. Am taking everything too seriously and I need to relax.

Am contemplating, in fact, taking the Blackmail approach one step further and posting something very short, unedited, un-over-thought every day. Tagfic-ish, only possibly with long storylines. Like the thing nwhepcat does so well. Hrm. But the last thing I need is more WIPs.

My favorite random link from yesterday: Star Wars light saber duel. Keen choreography.
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Happy Sunday, with cleaning, writing and kicking down the writing block.
I like your fic wittering. It shows such a different approach to writing than I have. What were you, INTJ? I guess it's the difference between your T and my F.

*needs to restore a writing icon to her set*
INTP, but yeah. That's probably it. The engineer's approach to writing :)

I always use this icon of Watson for my writing craft posts. I love the grin on his face.
I wish to dream more about Giles. I think about him often enough that you'd think I would. But no. Or if I do, I don't remember it. Instead, Hiro. And the occasional WWII-themed thriller plot with guns. And flying.

Oh, and I still dream about being lost and unable to find the room where the exam is.

I'm doing my laundry. I'll cheerfully do yours. When we bought our house, I went into major domestic geek mode and carefully researched (aka "read the Consumer Reports article about") washers & driers. So we have nice ones that should last our lifetimes. Also, I have just done the recycling in the kitchen. This poises me to wash the floor. Sigh.
I have the school dream fairly often. Don't know where the final is going to be held at, don't have any clothes to wear, don't have bus fare, the class starts in less than an hour and the bus trip takes at least 60 minutes to get there. You miss the correct bus and end up getting lost somewhere you've never been before--you realize it's getting dark and you are lost and don't know how to get home. Oh yeah. Problem dreams. Gotta love 'em.
When I was in high school, my best friend dreamed that Johnny Cash had car trouble in front of their house and came in to use the phone and she was mortified because her family was having liver and onions for supper. I guess everybody has different thresholds for dread.
The thing I *love* about those dreams is that the problems are so far in our past. When's the last time you had to take an exam? For me it was nearly 20 years ago. Why do we still dream about it, then?

I have dreamed about programming problems, though.
I've always been prone to nightmares, though they've grown less intense and frequent as I've gotten older. We lived in a haunted house when I was a kid which may have contributed to this.
I do enjoy the wittering!

And clearly I need to read the Spike/Giles SoG fic, as it has now been recommended by several people I trust.
My writing habits come entirely from an addiction to email-checking at work. :) I twitch when there's nothing to be checking for!

Thanks for the lovely comment, and it does keep you writing, that plan to throw in a chapter a day.
Hee! I can see how the once-daily thing would promote the flow of email, yeah. And I am completely enjoying the current ride Xander's taking with Illyria.
Hi. Just a random reply to your question: "Heroes" starts again on September 24. The cast had a question and answer panel at San Diego Comic Con.
Washing the floor? Oh, you do have bad block, don't you? :( The floor is always my absolute last ditch chore, because my mother never owned a mop, so every time I think about doing it my back STILL hurts.
You know, I think WoW may have been created just for that kind of procrastination. Or getting together with friends who are lame and start to set things up then drop the ball. That would work too, if your friends weren't such slackers.
Heh. Make sure T sees that Star Wars vid. Think he'd like it.

I didn't much wash the floor. I cleared it of all debris, though, like the recycling and the box of outmoded computer books I need to get rid of. It's primed for washing. Really.
Well, technology is beautiful. I say a silent prayer and thank you to T's dad every time I use the swiffer.
You know, you're one of my best friends and I love you to death but right now I'm pretty mad at you. I think this post was the final spur for me to tackle the all too infrequent cleaning of my cooktop. (Which is more of an ordeal than it sounds since it has to be cleaned without rusting the cast iron.) You've been watching those Derren Brown videos again, haven't you? Grrrr! Thanks a lot!
[Actually, now it's done, thanks a lot! :)]

Hey. Let's get together soon. And do... I dunno what. Something *really pointless*. Ottarz at Monterey?