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Last night's dream

I had dinner with Hiro Nakamura at his favorite restaurant outside Tokyo. We then drove in his car into Tokyo. Or tried to, anyway-- there was a giant hill in the way. Hiro said he knew where we were going, but he couldn't find the road. Suburban Tokyo looked suspiciously like suburban Boston. Hiro was a nice guy.

When do we get more Heroes, anyway?

Am thoroughly enjoying shadowscast's Giles/Spike SoG story, "It Never Happened".

Have finished draft & revision of same for "Anadeixis". Will now let it sit for several days while I think about it.
Have made significant progress on "Untitled G/E 31st Psalm Story".
Reconnection 3 is stalled.
Have resumed the G/B deeply-emotional weirdly-intellectual cliche-fic.
Pretty much need to do laundry and clean the kitchen instead of any of this.

Am thinking I might have to take some serious steps to break through my current block about finishing things. Am taking everything too seriously and I need to relax.

Am contemplating, in fact, taking the Blackmail approach one step further and posting something very short, unedited, un-over-thought every day. Tagfic-ish, only possibly with long storylines. Like the thing nwhepcat does so well. Hrm. But the last thing I need is more WIPs.

My favorite random link from yesterday: Star Wars light saber duel. Keen choreography.
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