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Oh noes! seven more trivial things

misswitch re-tagged me, so I will cheerfully do the seven-random-things meme again, but decline to tag anybody on the second go-round. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
  1. Today I smell like Habu: Snake Oil with ho wood, teak, black musk, and bamboo. The other day I smelled like Thirteen, July 2007 edition, and my husband asked me to wash it off because it turned to gasoline. Then I smelled like Loviatar, and I had to wash that off too. Burned leather is not fun. Bad scent day.

  2. Mr Pedia and I had early bonding over Stanley G. Weinbaum's "A Martian Odyssey" and the Larry Niven "Known Space" stories. We are vvvvvriends! Ouch!

  3. I want to go bungee-jumping some day. And skydiving. This because I am afraid of heights and get vertigo badly. I love rollercoasters. Love them. Motorcycling is more fun, though, because I'm in control.

  4. Yesterday for lunch I had a bagel with jalapeño cream cheese on it. There were chunks of fresh jalapeño on it. Yum. We sometimes get habanero salsa. Yum. Spice expands consciousness.

  5. My personal kinks are more on display in "Tradition & Protocol" than in "Blackmail". But even so, not really.

  6. I am continually weirded out by the thought that when my mother was my age, I had moved across the country to go to grad school. And had been there for three years.

  7. It still breaks my heart to think that it's extremely unlikely Mr P & I will have kids. I know it's my decision; if I were brave enough, we would try again. Because he'll do whatever I want. But alas, my courage fails me.

  8. Thusia-verse story sent to Glim for a beta-read sanity-check. The weekend plan is to alternate between Reconnection 3 & "Untitled G/E Broken Vessel Story which probably is going to be titled 'Broken Vessel' so why do I bother".

    NB: I'm not docking theblackmare for her prompt on yesterday's PIF post, 'cause it ain't fair to prompt me to write what I shall surely write anyway. So there is one request going begging still.

    Random link: Asking the Wrong Questions essays upon Dr Who: "Everybody dies!" Interesting. Rather savage about the abilities of the core Who writing staff.

    In closing I point you to wesleysgirl's Jossverse fic recs meme list, because I love writing recommendations and reading them. It's interesting as well to see that some people's view of Buffy fandom is quite different from mine. E.g., my tolerance for stories without Giles is quite limited, but lots of people never give him a thought. Am writing up my list of five stories with Giles in, but am having troubles reducing the list.
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