Sun is looming

No, really, the weather forecast says London is supposed to be sunny for the rest of my trip. So I can run out to Greenwich and see all the meridian stuff. Or maybe Oxford. Or maybe Cambridge. Or maybe Bletchley Park.

My husband has now run me all over freakin' central London on foot because that's how he likes to look at cities. Which is fun, except that now I need to give my feet a break. A couple hours of trying to get part 4 into decent shape, with my feet up in the hotel room, will now commence. Followed, I hope, with a whole lot of warm beer.
Oh, oh, go to Greenwich, it's really fun. I did it when I was living there as a teen and it kinda boggled the mind a bit to think about standing in two different time zones just cause of a simple line. Or maybe I just have really happy memories of it. Either way, you should go.