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Please complete the following travesty

Shall I compare thee to Hemingway?
Thou art more prolix and comma-prone
Rough winds do shake the deathless prose of May
And umm... something that rhymes with 'prone' about short-lived-ness.

That last line. Help.

Have been pondering the Buffy of "Reconnection", as I ease myself back into her head and her point of view.

I like Buffy. Except when I want to smack her.

She is childish, selfish, arrogant, short-sighted, foolish, anti-intellectual, ungrateful, and shallow. Her inability to stake Angelus in "Innocence" cost many lives: Jenny Calendar and Kendra are just the two we have names for. Her selfish childishness in season 4 really ought to have cost her a lot more than it did. Early season 5 Buffy: best of all Buffies. But her descent into suicide at the end of season 5 put her in an unresourceful state that cost others their lives; she eventually treated all her friends to the sight of her successful suicide attempt. In season 6 she was fundamentally broken and deliberately chose the pit for herself, though I don't think we can blame her entirely for that one. (Thanks, Willow!) Season 7... damn, they're all pod people in season 7. Can we pretend it didn't happen?

She's also self-sacrificing, loyal, loving, nutty-in-a-good-way, smarter than she wants to appear, resourceful, unbearably brave ("Prophecy Girl"), and a good friend. She does her damndest to raise her little sister.

Think about how we meet Buffy. She's at a new school, on her first day, and her mom makes a crack about trying not to get expelled. She meets the popular kids. She passes the "cool enough to be popular" test. And then... and then we see her react in dismay when Cordelia makes fun of Willow. And we see her go over to Willow, and offer friendship. And we love Buffy from that moment on. It takes a lot of Season 7 self-righteousness from her to kill that affection, born of the moment when she shows us her sweetness.

What an awesome character Buffy is. I was scared spitless to write from her point of view at first. Now I love it almost as much as I love writing Giles. (And of course they provide lots of wonderful ways to observe each other.)

"Reconnection" Buffy is, as I've said before, not a brilliant Buffy. She's unconsciously, instinctively the Slayer. (Contrast with Ars Draconis Buffy, who's conscious and aware and thinking at all times.) I'm drawing more on the sweet Buffy we saw earlier in the series, the Buffy who curled up with her mom to watch old movies. She's survived some nasty stuff, failed to survive some of it, been ripped out of heaven into horrible depression, had her satori moment, and made her decision to live and enjoy what she has. Willow has just attacked Giles, and... time to react, Buffy!
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