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Neutrinos "sleet". How come they never "rain" or "speed" or "stroll"?

Am at the house of nemaihne, having fed and watered her kittehs while she and Mr N are away watching motorcycles go very fast at Laguna Seca. The kitties are not choosing to show themselves to me at the moment, though I think if I sit here for a while they'll come out of hiding. I had a chat with Kitten M yesterday. She yelled at me a bunch, then shoved her head into my shoe.

Mr P was up until 3am finishing HP7. He reports satisfaction, though he has a few quibbles with small points.

Three stories in progress:
+ Poll-winning WIP continuation.
+ Another response to the flist prompt "deeply emotional, weirdly intellectual Giles/Buffy raunch, with hurt/comfort and mild kinkiness", this time in a new setting
+ A rather nasty piece of Giles/Ethan smut. Nasty in that Ethan is being the sadistic bastard whom Giles so enjoyed beating the tar out of years later; not so much nasty in smut terms. It's an inflection point in their relationship, though of course Giles doesn't realize it going in.
+ One of the other WIPs.
+ An extremely schmoopy Cloud Animals future story idea. Will indulge self and write it soon.

I lied. Five. Though I'm not really working on the last two. Yes, I appear to be in the "ideas sleeting through my head like neutrinos" phase of the writerly manic/depressive cycle.

But I am attempting to concentrate on the much-requested continuation. 2000 words written, and ticking. Have been doing some reading in preparation. Am going to be mean to a character I like, and kind to a character I often dislike.

Can I just say that I love the Buffy of that story? She's not a genius but she's sweet and earnest and focused on doing the right thing. And she is letting herself love the people around her. I'd forgotten what a sweetie she is.
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