Ethan magic

Oh dear

Ethan keeps wanting to nudge his way into every story I'm in the middle of. Okay, not the one set before Giles meets him. But darn, he keeps trying to barge in and make messes. Or turn out to be a non-evil guy, even if he's getting in the way of the bad guys just to watch them trip over themselves.

Dear Ethan--
There is no room for you in Mumblion. Spike is taking up the space you might otherwise occupy in that story. I'll let you show up in Armurflis instead, if you insist. And I'll let you be full-bore evil in my ficathon story if you like.
sincerely yours,
likes you more every time I write you
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speaking of the ficathon, which thanks for reminding me!!!!! When are those due, again?
Ethan is a classic chaotic neutral :)

But I think sometimes he like to let rip with full-on selfish evildoing.