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There was a minor delay

My copy of HP7 was delivered to a neighbor, and there was about a five hour delay before the neighbor noticed and called us. I have now read it.

I was satisfied. Rowling surprised me and did what I hoped she would (but feared she wouldn't): Snape's story is the pattern we see in the very first book.

Many of fandom's obvious guesses were correct, which means that Rowling set things up well. Harry was a Horcrux, yes duh. RAB's identity, yes duh. Other things were less predictable. But I repeat: I am satisfied. Rowling done good. And she pulled in quite a bit from earlier books.

If book 6 was the Voldemort origin story, this one was the Dumbledore origin story. He hangs over all of it. And Harry's uneasy relationship with him. We can never set things quite right with the dead, can we?

Yay Neville! Yay for you!

Ron and Hermione were both themselves, and had their moments to shine. Hermione in particular. Go Hermione! I'm glad you two end up happy.

Harry and Ginny. Hrm. I'm not so sold on that. But I'm okay with it.

Lupin/Tonks fell flat. Seriously flat. Couldn't Rowling have given us one non-het baby-pumping relationship? Just one? I wish he could have lived. But the fight had to cost Harry something he valued, and Rowling wasn't going to kill one of the three.

I wish the Slytherin thing wasn't so black and white. I wish some Slytherins had fought on the correct side. I wish some Gryffindors had been evil. Though Snape's story was moving, and he was the bravest of them all. The poor sod.
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