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Oh noes! seven brides for seven brothers meme. no. wait. that isn't right.

Seven random things meme, since I was tagged. 1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever to do it.

1. Mr Pedia and I were married 1 year minus 1 day after we met. This was on purpose.
2. I wrote my first computer programs out by hand in a notebook before I had a computer to run them on. Eventually I got an Apple ][+.
3. The first SF I ever read was the short story volume of The Science Fiction Hall of Fame. I vividly remember my father taking the book down from the shelf at the library and telling me I would like it.
4. I am a poor guitarist, but I love my Rickenbacker. It jangles. I enjoy playing the guitar in a way that I never enjoyed playing the piano.
5. I desperately want to write more Holmes fanfic. My brain is exploding with all the things I want to write.
6. I am now the #1 non-founding employee at the company where I work. Seven years ago, when I was hired, I was employee #14. I started the same day as #13, and I miss him greatly. Fortunately I play WOW with him once a week.
7. I crashed my motorcycle at a track day once. I flew through the air like Superman and landed whomp! in the dirt trackside. As I flew, I thought, dammit! my riding day is over! It was entirely my fault: I entered the turn too hot, panicked, and target-fixated on the wrong target.

I enjoy being tagged, but I feel a bit reluctant to tag people in return. With the proviso that it's fine by me if you feel like ignoring this, and also fine if you ignore those last two clauses, I tag: penwiper26, kivrin, seldomifever, theblackmare, beatrice_otter, stexgirl2000, and sahiya.

Pottermania seemed to be in full swing at our local independent bookstore this evening. Huge crowd present, some in costume. The restaurant where we had dinner had several conversations about it in progress. It's kinda nice to live through an event like this, you know? It's a common experience, and a positive, exciting one.

I hope your HP book-buying experiences are all happy group joy experiences! I will return to writing for what remains of my evening, and tear through my copy when it arrives tomorrow.
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