Oh noes! I'm Linear A

Your Score: Linear A
Not much to say, really. You're Linear A, the first alphabet ever written by the proto-Greeks - at least, as far as survives. Unfortunately, you made a bad career move and ended up being used by accountants and fish mongers, rather than to record epics. However, you did manage all your SEC filings on time.

Link: The Which Ancient Language Are You Test written by imipak on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

In other news: Last night I wrote a bit for two of the more popular WIPs in the poll. One of them caught fire. The other is going to be my fidget story. (Fidget story: the thing I write when I'm stuck on my main project. "Blackmail" was originally a fidget story.) Re-read the existing posted bit and had two weird reactions: found copyediting problems (a couple) and some places where I failed to set things up right. And I thought, hey, this didn't entirely suck. That was weird. Usually I wince non-stop.

Random link for today: talking about problems is depressing and not good for you. Be a nerd. Focus on solutions!

Also, note that the hapless burr86 has clarified the clarification of the clarification. This just in: LJ/SixApart is against bad things; probably we can all go back to Potterdammerung. Or sleep, depending on preference.
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I'm not convinced that that clarification of the clarification actually helps anything. By those rules, something like a porny fic about Buffy and Angel's night together during "Surprise" would still be bannable. LJ keeps phrasing it in terms of "porn about 12-year-olds" but the actual content of the ban is much more sweeping. (I'm also not convinced that LJ is legally obliged to ban even written porn about 12-year-olds, however disgusting it may be to most people.)
Where I get nervous is that the Miller test is a legal precedent. It exists in a context of a system of laws and judges who interpret law & precedent for a living, and lawyers and DAs with workloads and priorities. LJ/SixApart's abuse team is not a body that works within that context. The most they can say is, "I know it when I see it". Which is the problem with US obscenity laws as well. But they have pressures on them that the legal system does not (conservative lawyers hired to keep them out of court, for instance, who will always recommend caution and saying no).

I think what they wanted to say to fandom yesterday was, "We're using Miller, nudge nudge, and that means text is safe." But they chose somebody who wasn't a communications professional to say it, and he botched it, and made things worse. That's my guess, anyway. I've been a pollyanna about this issue before. Sigh.
Well, good news about the 2(two!) WIPs being actually IPs. So they didn't totally suck! (We've been saying that.)
"As someone who grew up ... in the '70s and whose family used to process every five-minute spat with several hours of grueling self-analysis..."

This line from the Salon article fits my family to tee. Scary over-analysis of everything under the sun! No wonder I'm always thinking, "What do they really mean?" LOL ;)

And I'm hieroglyphics, whatever that means.
My father's side of the family always struck me as much healthier. You throw your crockery at the other person's head, swear colorfully, and half an hour later play whist with them exactly as if nothing happened. Next week, your head is a target for a coffee mug, then you play bridge. Analyze? What? Shut up. It's your bid.
Actually, we did that throwing thing, too, and then acted as if nothing ever happened after we discussed it to death. Outsiders never got it. Thought we were just bananas.
Hey, I'm Linear B, and apparently borrowed heavily from you. How do you calculate interest on a borrowed glyph? Hmm.
I'm Akkadian too. Neato. Keep the stories coming! I liked the last chapter in Polestar quite a lot.
Cool! After a spring of Giles/Xander mania, I seem to be having a Giles/Buffy summer, so you're in for more stuff that's right up your alley :)