The WIP Threat: a poll

Okay. Let's suppose you could have one WIP continued in a frenzy of fast half-intoxicated subconscious-rules maybe-not-polished writing. Which one?

Poll #1024015 the WIP threat

Pick one. Okay, two. Don't pick all of them. That's not fair.

Ars Draconis
Tradition & Protocol
Cloud Animals, "Partners"
"The Adventure of the Sigerson Crypt"
You forgot one. I'll remind you in a comment, you goofus.

And your reaction is...

Can't wait. I trust your unfettered subconscious.
Mailing you a chill pill now. I'm in no hurry.
This is just a desperate attempt to break your WIP writer's block, isn't it.

ETA: Sometimes I wonder why I bother to ask. I could have predicted this. Heh. Okay. You asked for it.

Your random link for the day: British magician/psychologist Derren Brown shows Stephen Fry a magic trick. Fry's reaction is priceless.
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These results are split a little too evenly so far. I'm pushing for Recon or T&P. I love that PA! And Please? Wundebar!
Right now it's T&P vs Reconnection. FATALITY. My readers are split between the weirdly hardcore swordfetish G/B fans and the sweet schmoopy G/B fans.
Really, there's no bad there.

*feeds you chocolate for inspiration*
I have a hard time watching him in that role, brilliant as his acting was, knowing that the Traitor's Gate awaits.
I think the Sci-Fi channel is going to do a Derren Brown series. He's a magician? The promos made him out to be something like John Edwards.

He does stage performances centered around things like magic tricks. It's mostly psychology put to some really devious uses, particularly a branch of it called NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming, which is a terrible name for a collection of techniques that are scarily effective. (See the Brown vids on YouTube. Or that Stephen Fry thing, which is not so much a magic trick as an exercise in making Fry pick the card that Brown had already extracted from the deck.)