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Typing, perhaps even rising to writing

Road-warrioring again, in Caffe Nero on, eh, fucked if I can remember the name of the street. Southampton Row. This is a local chain of cafes, as far as I can tell. I was trying to dig up an independent local cafe, but oh well. The music they're playing is driving me mad. It's not that I mind "Ave Maria" once a decade or so. It's that I mind anybody else's music. Not chosen by me. Well, I've got the iPod in the bag. And headphones can jack right into the Macbook's socket as well.

I have had satisfactory coffee on this trip, and bad coffee, and in one case, good coffee. I haven't tried drinking tea. Tea is not my usual drink, so why drink it except to be touristy?

Am now well into sketching out the scene near the end of part 4. Bare bones version first, mostly dialog and a few indications of action. Then I go over it again, move stuff out of dialog when it feels right, add connective tissue. Then I go over it a third time and get fussy. I have a major problem with instances of a single word used too frequently. It's as if the word gets used once, and then is in cache, so it comes up again when my brain goes fishing for ways to word things.

My husband's plane will be landing in about half an hour. When I see from the BA website that it's down, I'll head off to dump my stuff at the hotel room then meet him at Paddington. Gotta buy him an Oyster card so he can zip around via the Tube with me. Also have to guide his jetlagged butt to the hotel so he can drop off his luggage. Then I'll probably shove him into the British Museum, which is around the corner. Make him look at the Sutton Hoo excavation stuff. He'll like that.
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