Giles/Buffy couch

Reasons why today might be okay

+ I got 8 hours of sleep last night, despite the sneezing Not-Kitten camped out next to me.
+ I dreamed about ASH last night, in t-shirt and shorts, in a band, singing educational songs about vegetables for kids. O.o
+ I have already done laundry.
+ Third cup of coffee is on the way.
+ Later today I will see the HP movie with sahiya and nemaihne.
+ I am writing pr0n. Vanilla G/B pr0n, with licking.
+ I might decamp to a bathtub full of Lush to continue same.

I like weekends.
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Damn. I love your dream. Is it wrong of me to think ASH would still be sex on a stick singing about making sure to eat all your leafy greens? I'd even become obstreperous about eating spinach if it inspired him to chide me melodically.

And I always requested spinach for my birthday dinner.

Mmmm...vanilla B/G prawn with licking...oh you know how to make me happy! (wipes drool...drools more)

My third cup of coffee will come later with palacsintas. Yummy.
He was giggling throughout, seriously giggling. Man, what a strange dream that was. Complete with a fictional LA city.

Have you seen his "Sensitive Skin" appearance yet? It ends, er, predictably, but for the first two thirds it's the full-on ASH experience and seriously swoony.
That's when we'll be there. Showtime is 3:15, so any time before then compatible with seat acquisition!
Weirdly intellectual, deeply emotional G/B prawn, as requested by the flist ages ago... slowly reaching completion!
I canna wait! (In advertising, the exclamation point is called a bang. When we used to read over copy, we'd say "bang" instead of "exclamation point." Molto interessante, no? Just thought I share that fun-filled fact with you.) :)
Programmers also call it "bang", though when I think of it as "screamer" when I'm writing fiction. # is "hash". ~ is twiddle, though that's not universal. * has several names. Splat is popular, but star is more common, as in the phrase "void star" so familiar to C programmers.
Something weird? Everything's weird. The authors are certifiable, and the people who work in publishing are some of the most eccentric folks on earth. Cra-zy. Total loons. I kept telling everyone how strange my co-workers were until finally someone pointed out that I fit right in. I thought, My god, I do! Hmm. It'll take longer to think of something more specific than that.
That's a fantastic dream.

I shall keep an eye out for what sounds like wonderful pr0n.
*bangs head on desk*

Might be done today. At worst it'll be waiting for you when you're all loopy post-surgery :)
I can follow it as long as it's not too plotty. :)

I won't track POV shifts very well, which can be kind of entertaining. Also trippy.
Your dream reminds me of an incident from my teenage years. I got a summer job teaching at a "reading camp" in the city schools; the method was to get the kids to generate their own stories about the field trips we went on, which we counselors wrote down, and then we used their own material for reading exercises.

So we went to hear Barry Louis Polisar, who did (does?) songs for children. Just him and a guitar sitting outside by the Inner Harbor, doing songs like "Underwear is everywhere" and "My brother thinks he's a banana". The thing is, all the girl counselors were drooling over him--thick brown hair, short beard, a polo shirt, and nice legs coming out of the shorts. A hot dude playing really funny songs... good times....
The dream was surreal, I have to say. It was sort of ASH meets TMBG, only lower tech somehow. And he giggled constantly.

The camp experience sounds fascinating. Did the technique work? Were they interested in their own material?
The reading method did work pretty well, as I recall. We helped them make their stories into little books which they illustrated, made up vocabulary games, and provided other experiences as well--art, music, drama, and playground time. I did music and drama and taught them "Puff the Magic Dragon" and directed a little play one year. It was a good program for kids who just needed a little boost to make them ready for the next grade in the fall.