oh dear

School Reunion

After re-watching "School Reunion", I think I stand by my initial review: the script was utter crap. I do, however, better appreciate the Doctor's character issues. Also the companion relationship issues.

And Tony Head was, in fact, wondrous. The way he moved...

(ETA: Not a lot of spoilage in the post, but definitely in the comments. So if you're worried about non-current Who, avoid!)
The ep immediately preceding it (the Queen Vic + werewolf one) was somewhat better than this. Less thematically muddled, though it did have the botch at the end with the attempted hemophilia/lycanthropy connection. That one... the Doctor goes nuts attempting to kill the wolf so he can prevent it from infecting Victoria. Then at the end, he's completely blithe about the possibility that it did anyway. O.o Or was it all about protecting Rose and to heck with those other humans? And why did she banish them? What? That was out of left field. I assume the plot point serves some later purpose.

Tennant is pleasant, and he looks less like a chicken as I get used to his face. I fear that Rose is going to turn tedious.
LOL I do have issues. Mainly I really don't like the whole "companion falling in love wiht the Doctor" thing. Maybe once...that would be okay...but it's going on and on.

And in School Reunion they took the companion of MY childhood - Sarah Jane...wonderful, brave, NOT stupid, Sarah Jane - and turned her into this pining woman who never seemed to have got over the fact that the Doctor left.

Sorry. That wasn't MY Sarah.

However, Tony was superb. It was the whole way he moved like a predator - especially the subtle head movements. And that scene by the swimming pool where he never raised his voice...superb!
My current theory is that companions might fall for him, but they'd be nuts to do anything about it. Enjoy the crush. He'll dump you eventually; be ready for it.