Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

And now, another bloody meeting

Yesterday was, in nearly all possible ways, chaos and disaster and plans exploded and commitments dropped and stress mania. Today, despite meetings, should be better. Has been better.

Had fascinating conversation this morning with Mr P about the straight-het axis vs the tomboy-femme axis (and our dissatisfaction with those labels; suggest better ones!) and what a third dimension might reasonably be. Told amusing story about my lunatic parents and their belief that if they could somehow get me to carry a purse, I'd turn out not to be One Of Those(tm)(terrifying chord). I was entirely oblivious for years about what the hell they were worried about, but successfully resisted them anyway. Entertaining in all kinds of ways. Except when kids suffer because of it.

Discussion turned to the question of whether it's about seeking the social advantages of the other sex (freedom, power) or merely feeling more comfortable presenting as the other sex. I have few clues.

+ Work. Start new feature. Begin thinking about architecture for major overhaul of mumble.
+ Resolve at least one of the 17 deal-with-urgently messages in my to-do list.
+ Watch ASH's episode of Sensitive Skin.
+ Watch more 10th Doctor.
+ RPG things; finish writing out postcards.
+ Mail the ton of packages I have to be mailed. OMG. So many packages.
+ BPAL review-writing. Herr Doktor Penwiper, I have your Temperance imp to hand along. Alas, the Fool imp dumped its entire contents on the rest of the set during shipping, so it's somewhat Foolish.
+ Finish answering comments. At one point yesterday I had 60 needing answers. O.o
+ Write.
+ Get more than 7 hours sleep at least one night this week.

Random link for today: what the Silicon Valley considers newsworthy. I walk past that building several times a day. The presence of Google in the neighborhood will probably change the complexion of businesses nearby. Since Google provides free food all day to its employees, the lunch spots should (blessedly) not become more crowded. Much.
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