Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

FIC LINK: Readings 1/3 (Giles/?, FRT)

"Readings" part 1 - Giles/?, FRT
After a string of ruined dates, Giles despairs of ever finding romance on the Hellmouth. Then a Tarot reading by Tara tells him something he doesn't want to know about his romantic future.

This is the Tarot story I've had in progress since for ever. Season 5 setting, canonical relationships in their happiest places, in a monkless AU.

I chose it to post because I have been unable to write anything for the last three days. Complete and utter blockage, meltdown, misery, flameout, crash. (Though if I do paradoxically get unblocked and manage to finish the next section of Blackmail tonight, I might post that too.) This needed only edits and small patches of writing to get into posting shape. Of course, there's about 14K more words to write for it, given the size of the outline... but I have some of them written! And now I'm going to be forced to finish it!

I'm curious what the Tarot readers among you make of the reading Tara does for Giles at the beginning. I have my own opinion, of course. Hee.
Tags: fiction, story:readings, tarot

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