Okay. This is why I can only mostly hate the very idea of the comics. (That's a slight exaggeration.) Because, well. THAT.
ooohhh... very nice. Maybe I won't be giving up on the comics yet after all ;) But is it just me, or is Faith rather, erm, well-endowed in that picture?

Also, because I happened to have Paint Shop Pro open:

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Nice approach there. Will ponder.

Whedon isn't writing this storyline, so perhaps we'll get something interesting. I was sorely disappointed by the first four issues. A rather flat and uninteresting character retconned back into existence; one of the more interesting characters summarily disposed. Willow's season 6 arc completely defanged by the retconning. Dawn's story hanging motionless. Pointless references to comic series that I am uninterested in. Complete amnesia about the television show ethos: what happened with the last paramilitary demon-hunting organization we saw? When did Buffy suddenly turn into somebody who liked guns?

But Whedon's thing about Willow is the biggest problem.

Faith is somewhat, er, topheavy, yes.
Oh, nice. Is that Faith?? But where's Giles' ring? How'd they miss that little detail?

Am studiously avoiding the plot teasers, though now I'm really wondering wtf is with Faith in an evening gown.
Am completely looking forward to it, because it implies one of the classic engines of story: the competent person in an unfamiliar context.

And Faith did say he was cute the first time she saw him....
*blasts Hallelujah chorus, bombastic orchestration edition*

Giles AND Faith, hummina hummina.
Took forever, but I am liking the results. Jo Chen has done some nice covers for the series. If only Whedon had written anything worth wrapping in those covers...