Change of plans

Wednesday's post will not be the new story. Wednesday's post will be something else. The new story needs considerably more time. I am going to give it more time.

Oh buggering hell. Two days. Okay. I can do this.
In fact, I know how. Hello, prompt table!

Send cookies and milk. Or possibly single malt.
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Eee! This is the first time I've seen one of my new icons out & about. Yayness!
Sending some rum punch and that cruelly hot salsa you like so much. It's not cookies and milk, but I doubt dairy products would make it past the Mina-kitty anyway.
I just attempted to pour coffee for myself. This attracted a fast-moving Not-Kitten of much determination. "Ah! Yes! Cream! I was just thinking it was time for cream. Pour it now, stupid human."
This morning we discovered that the coffee cream had started chunking up. It hadn't spoiled at all, but it was turning to butter, sort of. Mina was delirious, because we gave the chunks to her.

We've started calling her "Pork Pie", by the way. She's intensely active, but if she ever slows down she's going to turn into Maggie.
Hey, can I help it that I grow my mammals the way the old farmers grow their veggies for the county fair?

You CAN do this. I'm plugging away for my Friday the 13th fic! We'll pull together! Looking very forward to your fic!

Hey - also - thanks a mil for the offer on the Nephilim - I just went ahead and bought the 5ml. I totally appreciate your generousity, though!