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Oh noes! Fandom wish list!

spikendru had the brilliant idea of making a fanstuff wishlist, in lieu of something like an amazon wishlist. It paid off for her already with Spike + Oscar Wilde fic, so, hey! I gak this idea!

My fandom wish list:


+ Buffy Summers is the hero of this story. A gen tale of demons and the supernatural.
+ Giles/Buffy for adults, and I don't mean pr0n.
+ Watcher/Slayer partnership fic, not necessarily romantic.
+ Watcher/Slayer bond fic, not necessarily romantic.
+ Giles/Ethan when it was good, without Ripper as multiple personality.
+ Any Giles/Ethan at all. From schmoop to violent conflict.
+ submissive!Giles with anybody. Extra points for Buffy. pr0n.
+ Giles/sword. Somebody forges a blade for him, with magic & his blood. Weird and erotic and exotic and awe-inspiring.
+ Giles + Snape genfic, with a clever magic system and with snark.
+ Giles + Holmes snark. I will write this, but would love to read somebody else's take.
+ Giles/Watson buddyfic. I will write this, etc.
+ Giles/Xander h/c. Preferably with Xander as comforter, but I'm not going to complain either way.
+ My bulletproof kink: non-sexual bed-sharing. Preferably with h/c mixed in. What the heck: with Willow!
+ Continue "A Tragedy in Six Holidays" and tell me what happens when Angelus kills Jenny.
+ Sell me on Giles/Angel. Can it be done?
+ Any Giles story at all that admits of the existence of literature and art beyond the last decade of movies and television. Allusion and metaphor and clever reference.
+ BtVS/House crossover. Greg House meets his match in Anya Jenkins. Not necessarily as a pairing; follow this where it leads you.
+ Any Forsyte Saga fanfic at all. So long as Soames is not a villain.


+ Giles + sword FTW.
+ Make me story banners.
+ Background graphic + matching icon to swap for my current set.

Post your wishlist! Let's see what we can get written.
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I might have to write the sword story. Whether or not anybody else does :) I free these prompts in the name of Spain! Wait. That was confused.

Any BtVS/House crossover would work for me. And my, yes, Giles and House would puff up and stalk sideways around each other, yes indeed. And then Cuddy would flirt with Giles and House would freak. Buffy would so hit on Chase, even from flat on her back on a hospital bed with blood spurting out (because it's the end of act 3 and time for blood-spurting and/or major organ failure), and vice versa. Or... something else! Tell me!
It is my earnest hope that I can provide something toward 2, 3, 4, 8, [though with a borrowed blade], 13 [though not with Willow] and 16 over the course of the summer, starting on this Sunday. But then you already know that, Mme Beta. So I hope I tweaked yer buttons, eh? They are kinda my buttons, too, those ones.

There are a couple items on this list that I think I will let percolate over the weekend. I may be able to do something for you.
Cool idea. I've ripped it off already.

I'll need to see what I can do to fill in one or two of your wishes....
I personally feel there needs to be a new burst of G/B pr0n (vanilla, possibly with whipped cream). Let's see what we can do to kick it off.
Your wish is *so* my command!

Also? My brother is leaving to spend a WHOLE WEEK house sitting for friends, so most of the time I'll have the house ALL TO MY FREAKING SELF!!!! I CAN COMMIT PORN!!!!!!!

(races off to consider what whipped cream to add to the vanilla)
I know this is meant to inspire new stories, but I noticed you ask for Xander/Giles h/c, and I have an old story that might fit the bill: Comfort. Technically it's two stories--a drabble and a longer follow-up story--but the link will take you to both.

*hopes this self-promotion isn't incredibly obnoxious*
I think finding old stories that meet the wishes is just as much fun for me as getting new stories written. Though not as much fun for everybody else! And I had not read your story before, which means I got what I wanted: a burst of new reading pleasure.

This line: Xander's desire grew and grew until it crowded the oxygen out of the room, but somehow he breathed anyway, breathed desire and felt happy.

Quickly, before someone writes you one of your requests in comments...

Two House-meets-Anya stories already written: [Unknown LJ tag]'s fic "House Call," which was a House/I&A crossover written for me, and viciouswishes's Anya-as-vengeance-demon meets House fic, "Zombification...". The latter is not to my taste, but others have really liked it.