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Oh noes! Fandom wish list!

spikendru had the brilliant idea of making a fanstuff wishlist, in lieu of something like an amazon wishlist. It paid off for her already with Spike + Oscar Wilde fic, so, hey! I gak this idea!

My fandom wish list:


+ Buffy Summers is the hero of this story. A gen tale of demons and the supernatural.
+ Giles/Buffy for adults, and I don't mean pr0n.
+ Watcher/Slayer partnership fic, not necessarily romantic.
+ Watcher/Slayer bond fic, not necessarily romantic.
+ Giles/Ethan when it was good, without Ripper as multiple personality.
+ Any Giles/Ethan at all. From schmoop to violent conflict.
+ submissive!Giles with anybody. Extra points for Buffy. pr0n.
+ Giles/sword. Somebody forges a blade for him, with magic & his blood. Weird and erotic and exotic and awe-inspiring.
+ Giles + Snape genfic, with a clever magic system and with snark.
+ Giles + Holmes snark. I will write this, but would love to read somebody else's take.
+ Giles/Watson buddyfic. I will write this, etc.
+ Giles/Xander h/c. Preferably with Xander as comforter, but I'm not going to complain either way.
+ My bulletproof kink: non-sexual bed-sharing. Preferably with h/c mixed in. What the heck: with Willow!
+ Continue "A Tragedy in Six Holidays" and tell me what happens when Angelus kills Jenny.
+ Sell me on Giles/Angel. Can it be done?
+ Any Giles story at all that admits of the existence of literature and art beyond the last decade of movies and television. Allusion and metaphor and clever reference.
+ BtVS/House crossover. Greg House meets his match in Anya Jenkins. Not necessarily as a pairing; follow this where it leads you.
+ Any Forsyte Saga fanfic at all. So long as Soames is not a villain.


+ Giles + sword FTW.
+ Make me story banners.
+ Background graphic + matching icon to swap for my current set.

Post your wishlist! Let's see what we can get written.
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