dr who 9

Christmas Invasion

My one-word review: pants.

Not a great intro for the Tenth Doctor.
Loved Jackie, though. Was sad to see them essentially trash Harriet Jones, MP. Sigh.
Oh absolutely!

There are some really good moments in Season two - and Tony is amazing. Really - that's not just me being a fan and blowing smoke up his ass.

Just watch the way he moves - it's quite extraordinary.
I agree that it was not the strongest introduction for the tenth Doctor. However, I adore, adore the scene between Ten and Jackie where he's trying to tell her what he needs and she keeps interrupting him and the "Wait a minute, that's English." scene. I could pretty much skip between the two and be happy.
We just watched "New Earth", the first ep of series 2 proper, and were *much* happier with it. It was funny and serious by turns, and gave the actors some fun things to do. Much better!
I'm a Nine girl and always will be. 10 is growing on me, season 3 has a dark streak that I always love, but David just isn't my type. Still, he has such excitement and fun to him that he's fun to watch. I know others seem bothered by her but I like Rose. Tony's ep is such fun. The man is so smooth, he's like butter.
I feel a little bit like I did when I watched the last ep of Buffy season 3: it's downhill from here. Nothing will quite feel like that again. (Which is silly, because season 5 was nearly as good.) Looking forward to Tony as a bat-critter...

Have acquired the 7th Doctor to watch when bored. I know that #4 Tom Baker is also well-loved, and lots of my flist is into #5. See? I begin to fit the rather huge canon into my head.