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Doctor Who series one watched

Finished series one of the New Who last night and I am seriously going to miss Eccleston in the role. I don't mind Tennant (and in fact he was the first Doctor I ever watched), but Eccleston was particularly whack. I like that they cast non-pretty and non-handsome men in the role. At least, not conventionally handsome. The manic glee that seems important to the character comes across better from men with ears that stick out.

Eccleston was attractive in motion, not in repose. Though he'd have looked better if they'd let him have some hair.

I am still pondering the scriptwriting. Have reservations, but need to think some more. I might be committing the sin of taking it too seriously. But... even frivolity is best when well-written. Okay, I will take my own bait.

That "Bad Wolf" scattered through time thing? Fairly lame. The hint was not useful, especially because we saw no cause-effect rising from it. What about it led Rose to the game show thing? Their arrival in the deadly game shows was never fully explained, but it seemed not to be because of any intentional act of theirs. The controller chick grabbed them because she saw an opportunity.

Also, Daleks + religion failed to have any power with me, because I couldn't see any effect that the behavioral change had on them. They were monomaniacal killing machines without religion, and monomaniacal killing machines with. So... why bother? The earlier Dalek episode set up a different sort of attack the Doctor might make on them (the great distress they feel at being contaminated by humanity), but this plotline failed to pick it up.

So I'm going with "fun but not brilliant" for the new Doctor Who.

Jack was indeed far more fun in Who than he was in the grim and kinda boring Torchwood.

We'll watch the Christmas Invasion tonight, and then proceed onward with series 2. Including the ep with that classically handsome man Tony Head as the baddie.
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