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Doctor Who series one watched

Finished series one of the New Who last night and I am seriously going to miss Eccleston in the role. I don't mind Tennant (and in fact he was the first Doctor I ever watched), but Eccleston was particularly whack. I like that they cast non-pretty and non-handsome men in the role. At least, not conventionally handsome. The manic glee that seems important to the character comes across better from men with ears that stick out.

Eccleston was attractive in motion, not in repose. Though he'd have looked better if they'd let him have some hair.

I am still pondering the scriptwriting. Have reservations, but need to think some more. I might be committing the sin of taking it too seriously. But... even frivolity is best when well-written. Okay, I will take my own bait.

That "Bad Wolf" scattered through time thing? Fairly lame. The hint was not useful, especially because we saw no cause-effect rising from it. What about it led Rose to the game show thing? Their arrival in the deadly game shows was never fully explained, but it seemed not to be because of any intentional act of theirs. The controller chick grabbed them because she saw an opportunity.

Also, Daleks + religion failed to have any power with me, because I couldn't see any effect that the behavioral change had on them. They were monomaniacal killing machines without religion, and monomaniacal killing machines with. So... why bother? The earlier Dalek episode set up a different sort of attack the Doctor might make on them (the great distress they feel at being contaminated by humanity), but this plotline failed to pick it up.

So I'm going with "fun but not brilliant" for the new Doctor Who.

Jack was indeed far more fun in Who than he was in the grim and kinda boring Torchwood.

We'll watch the Christmas Invasion tonight, and then proceed onward with series 2. Including the ep with that classically handsome man Tony Head as the baddie.
Christopher Eccleston has officially become my fave Doctor of all time. I wish he'd had more time with the role.

Yes, the writing has its ups and downs...but when it's on, it's so very on! 'Are you my mummy?' is a phrase that now sends chills down my spine and 'everybody lives'...the purest joy I think I've ever heard. Bad Wolf and religious Daleks...big meh on both counts. And while the getting into the game shows was a tad on the weak side, anything that involves bashing on Trini and Susannah gets my official thumbs up in a huge way.

I think the writing was better thought out in S2, but I'll never be as utterly and unreservedly in love with David Tennant's Doctor. He has his moments, but Eccleston won my heart in such a huge way I think he's spoiled me a little for anyone else.

The more I hear about Torchwood, the more I think I'd be wise to give it a miss and stick with my Captain Jack memories from Who. Despite pretty people kissing with little or no regard to gender roles, I get the impression there's almost nothing else in the show that would appeal to me, and pretty, slashy kissing isn't quite enough for me to hang more than the brim of my hat on. Too bad.

I think you'll enjoy the Tony ep...especially if you are familiar with the Tom Baker era DW. I got goood nostalgia off that one.

I still think they should have offered ASH the chance to play The Master. He'd so fucking rock that part!
I will hold onto this idea until such time as I have any idea who The Master is. I know enough to know "Doctor Who baddie from series past" but I don't know anything else. I've been avoiding spoilers like whoa since we started our slow chug through Who. (Though I will gripe here, among friends, that doing giles_watchers every day means that I usually end up spoiled a bit. Some people are not so clear on the concept. It's taught me to be even more cautious with my cut-tags.)
Big time love for Eccles' Doctor - he was totally awesome.

I disliked the Christmas Invasion...and pretty much disliked most of season 2. I think it was the 10th Doctor and Rose dynamic that really frustrated and annoyed me.

Tennant however struck total gold with Season 3 - he's excellent.

I'll hold on for the rocky ride through season 2, then! What's with only 13 episodes per season, though? I feel kinda cheated!

I know!! I'm hooked on "Lost" and I feel privileged to get 22/23 episodes per season - and yet only 13 with Doctor Who...AND!! We only get TEN with Spooks. Suckage - I need as much Peter Firth as I can get...
Oh, dear. 'Cause it's not like these plots were brilliant. They often had good stories at their core, but the implementation of those stories...
Just to give you something to look forward to: this time next week I shall probably be able to point you to an ASH link you should enjoy.

Wait and see.
Anticipation, Gratification ...
There is an excellent, low-key series on UK terrestrial television (BBC2) called 'Sensitive Skin'. The second series is currently showing, and this week's episode featured ASH, using, unusually, his real, rather than assumed RP accent. I should warn you, he is being outrageously charming.

A fan of the leading lady (Joanna Lumley) has been putting the episodes on youtube, each episode in three approx 10 minute chunks. This is the third episode of the second series. ASH is also supposed to be in the forthcoming sixth and final episode of this series.

The links to the three parts of this weeks episode are:


The first series is also up on youtube, and even without ASH is well worth watching.

Re: Anticipation, Gratification ...
Eeeeh! Am watching now, and my goodness, he's pouring it on. Giggling and making silly jokes. The pedal-boat scene was lovely. (Am worried, as I watch, about some kind of impending con; the character is too charming to be trusted.)
Re: Anticipation, Gratification ...
Mmph, I didn't want to spoil you by indicating what an exploitative bounder he was. Will he redeem himself in the final episode (when ASH next scheduled to appear)? I can't see it, but who knows?

Really not a fannish programme but I do strongly recommend seeing all the series, simply because it is outstanding, and touching, and funny, and sad. Denis Lawson, who plays her husband in the first series, is excellent, and the appalling brother-in-law Roger(guy in the hat who compliments on her dress) is previous delineated in his true awfulness.

I though I was onto a cert with you enjoying this episode though!
Re: Anticipation, Gratification ...
I thoroughly enjoyed Lumley's character and performance. Hooray for older women being sexy and attractive! Even in the midst of grief. Will seek out the rest (thank you Intertubes). And thank you for the pointer-- it was definitely fun to watch him in action.
As you know, I do adore DT as the Doctor, but CE had a magic in the role that has been untouched since Tom Baker (for me.) I wish CE had stayed with the role another year because of that.

I like DW Capt. Jack WAY better than TW Capt. Jack. Maybe now that he's been with the Doctor a bit again, he'll lighten up.
DT's charm is growing on me. But I don't think I'll love him the way I was completely head over heels for CE. Heck, I'm going to re-watch CE's Heroes eps just to get some more of him...