When does my vacation start, again?

Today: a fight with mysql. mysql won. Note to the wise: upgrade your ISAM tables before telling debian to install mysql 5. In my case, it would have been nice if I'd had a clue that some of my users had tables in that format, that support for the format was going away, and that once I'd upgraded and partially migrated the databases forward it would be utter hell rolling back to an earlier version.

I think I might have lost a lot of user data. This is a sin. I feel frustrated and guilty.

Otherwise... lots of beta-reading. No writing. No one has yelled at me about their ficathon assignments! This makes me happy. I might have done it right. I forgot to write a fic rec yesterday, for the first time in over a year of doing it. The iCal task is staring at me.

Dammit. Am all jangly and not in a mood to write. The work ethic drives me onward, however. What I want to do is make a margarita and get into the bathtub with a huge mound of bubbles. If only I could take the Macbook with. Can somebody invent the waterproof Macintosh already?

I do have a large black cat (formerly known as The Kitten) asleep on my foot. That's something.
I think you did well on your ficathon assignments. I already know how mine's going to start, and what the pairing is going to be.

Now, I have just realized as I was writing this comment that I forgot (once again, omg i am teh suck) to do Giles Watchers last night. Since tonight is your night, I'm NOT going to stick you with that again, so if it's all right by you, I'll take tonight for you.
Seriously, don't worry about it. The post is pretty much already done. I'll just need to bookmark anything that gets posted in the next 3 hours. (Waiting for ubiquirk to finish posting her story, mostly.)

If you knew how easy the post is to do with plus the automatic post generator script you would scream. Well, I did tell everybody how to do it that way and nobody took me up on it, so it's your own faults for not living in the lap of luxury.
I remember you posting about it but for some reason I never looked back at it. Is it, srsly, all I have to do is go to that page on your site and it just does it? Because if so, I am totally going to stab myself in the face.
There is one earlier step: you need to bookmark items for the post using And tag the bookmarks in the way that the script requires. I wrote it up in gilesposters and gave the password for the account.

In brief:
- visit the page for the item that goes into the post
- add it to
- tag it properly
- after getting all the posts, go visit the script page, sanity-check the results, copy-paste-post.
If they weren't backing up their own data it couldn't have been all that important.
Arguably I should have been for them. To make it fair, though, they cost us a bunch of time last week when their news software turned out to have a well-publicized hole that some phishers used to upload a phishing scam target. Two hours from incursion to the time we took it down (thank you RSA), but more hours than that wasted by Mr Pedia writing up the incursion report to satisfy our colo & the security firm. Still, my fault start to finish on the databases.
Hmm, you can prolly see why I'm not at a help desk - my response to 'it's not working' is 'learn how to fucking use it & quit bothering me!' Kinda anti-user-friendly :D
See, I mutter that to myself, then help people. Usually while saying "get a fucking Mac so you'll never bother me again, seriously". I have two modes with computers. Extreme expert tweaky mode, and get out of my face and let me write mode.