Ethan magic

Ethan ficathon assignments have been sent

I've just sent out all the assignments for An Antique Roman.

Please yelp now if I've sent you something you can't write.
Please yelp tomorrow morning if you should have received an assignment but haven't by then.
Please yelp any time if you need head pats, writing support, coffee, whisky, or a target for fic wittering.
Yelp! I'm not in the ficathon, but I could ALWAYS use coffee...
Let's get together tomorrow or Weds or something for Gosford Park vs Topsy Turvy + coffee. Plus! I have birthday presents for you.
yelp! Didn't get my assignment! My e-mail is and user name is Wndx. Sorry that it took me a few days to let you know, I've been without the internet.