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Now the hard part

Now I do the Ethan ficathon matchups. We'll see how well I do! Only 16 people to match, so I should be able to do it without screwing up too badly. If necessary I'll write software. Should have done 'em yesterday, but I had a hard day's slacking and napping yesterday.

ETA: Huh. Maybe I got it! I think I can make everybody happy. Let's read the matchups again...

Reading: I note that there has been much good stuff on summer_of_giles in the last few days, including two stories giving us Giles' reaction to comics canon events, and a new story (being posted right now) from ubiquirk putting Giles in the same space as Severus Snape and watching the resulting pyrotechnics. (Have not yet read, and am very much looking forward to it!) The reaction stories were quite different in tone, but had some interesting similarities that mean, I think, the authors both grasped a core thing in Giles' character. Will say no more.

Music: Armin's latest set is very Balearic and melodic, all that uplifting anthemic trance that's so good for a summer day. I've been dancing around my office and upsetting the cats. I found a bunch of new music yesterday while listening to Pandora (as always); not trance, but instead instrumental electronic stuff + some guitar-based post-rock. Am still recovering from the crushing disappointment that Ulrich Schnauss' new record is.

Writing: witter witter, word count, whine about outline, random and annoying comment about research topics, complaint about time pressure, witter witter. There! That's over with.
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