Round 9 of the Bodice Ripper Awards were just announced.

Big shout out to theblackmare, who won the Best Plot and Best Gen awards for "Blood Oranges", a season 4 gen story that filled me with glee. And marmalade. And to apreludetoanend, who won Best Fanart for that great Band Candy icon set. The Best Slash Pairing category was full of great stories, including the fabulous "When Two Crafts Meet" by sottovoce07.

Er, some of my stories kinda got stuff too. "Emergence", Tradition & Protocol, and The Fruit Story all got nods. Thank you!
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*does a little dance of joy*

It's cool to have one's very first fanfic patted on the head-- that's what "Emergence" was.
This is the first I've heard! Whoop! Whoop!

*shameless dances of glee at First Ever Award for Fan Fic*

Maybe I should check my e-mail before reading my flist, eh?

Mmm, that coffee scene in Emergence, where he decides to stop looking down. *sigh* Onea my all-time faves. Grats you!
Big congratulations! You got way more than a few nods! I can't wait - more Giles goodness for me to read!
***** s h i n y ***** s h i n y ***** s h i n y *****

Congrats to a sparkling winner!!!!!

Impressed hugs,
Congratulations, 'Pedia. If you didn't get recognized in an awards round, then something would be very wrong. I'm delighted to be in your company on the Best Slash Pairing.