Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Last night's entertainment

The brilliant Mr nemaihne took nemaihne, Mr Pedia, and me to Teatro ZinZanni last night. This has been talked up to me for ages. And indeed it was worth the talk-up: we laughed our heads off at the audience-tormenting improv, and at the Maier's maid-butler comedy trapeze routine. Think Cirque du Soleil with dinner and without the pretension. The food was not brilliant, but it was good. A completely entertaining evening.

Also, N & I decided to get tattoos. No alcohol was involved, so I cannot explain it. Other than I have long wanted one, but been unable to decide on an image that would be meaningful to me twenty years from now. Mr P said two things: "don't", and "what's still important to you from twenty years ago?"
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