Wimsey tee hee

Last night's entertainment

The brilliant Mr nemaihne took nemaihne, Mr Pedia, and me to Teatro ZinZanni last night. This has been talked up to me for ages. And indeed it was worth the talk-up: we laughed our heads off at the audience-tormenting improv, and at the Maier's maid-butler comedy trapeze routine. Think Cirque du Soleil with dinner and without the pretension. The food was not brilliant, but it was good. A completely entertaining evening.

Also, N & I decided to get tattoos. No alcohol was involved, so I cannot explain it. Other than I have long wanted one, but been unable to decide on an image that would be meaningful to me twenty years from now. Mr P said two things: "don't", and "what's still important to you from twenty years ago?"
Tattoos are funny old things. I have two - one of which is Giles' mark of Ehygon. I'm very glad it's not more Buffy-centric because, whilt I don't actually despise Buffy, I DO despise what it turned into. It's become...well...at the moment I seem to turn into a bit of a grump when I have to actually watch episodes to screencap. So a Buffy tat would have me doing a Maximus and trying to dig it off!

However. Tats ARE addictive. I want another. The one I want is one I will never regret. It's a Dr Who one - and I've loved Dr Who for over 30 years!

I want the Seal of Rassilon - the symbol of the High Council of Time Lords. it's the fun bit of deciding WHERE on my body I want it....
I wish the husband would come home from work (where he is again this weekend) so we could watch more of #9. I am liking him tons. I don't have the long-standing association with it I'd need to get a reference to it tattooed on me, but thirty years' fandom sure seems like enough of a tie!

There's a tattoo design referenced in one of my unfinished stories that I might try to make real. The five Scoobies all get it done.
I'm a pro-tattoo kind of girl and believe that ink CAN have meaning throughout the length of one's life. You've got a plethora of wildly talented artists down there - but definitely shop around. Bring your idea/sketch with you and ask to look at work - flash, original, text, colour, b/w, etc.. YOU are the one doing the hiring!

I really want to pay you for the Nephilim if it's not an imp. How do I contact you?
There will be no paying. I am happy to share the addiction. (And it's an imp: just a little sample vial.) I'll send ya some email, or you can hit me at antennapedia at gmail dot com.
I've always hated tattoos until this past year. Now, I can't get the idea of getting one out of my head. My husband is also considering it. We have no idea what on earth we would want to have permanently affixed to our bodies, but someday maybe we'll figure it out. Although, we took nearly seven years to pick out The Perfect Couch, so I'm not so sure how long it will take to make this decision.
I have many friends with tats, some with lots, most with just a few little ones. Possibly the idea is to stop worrying about exactly what the image is too much.
Teatro Zinzanni is awesome. My parents bought us tickets at a charity auction at one of our schools a few years ago and we went; it was extremely memorable.

I have the same problem with tattoos: I've seen so many silly ones where I just go, "Now really, what are you going to think of yourself in twenty years for that getting THAT permanently inked onto your body?" On the other hand . . . a good tat is really, really hot and a pretty cool form of self-expression.
We got talking about it because one of the wait staff had a pattern of five-pointed stars tattooed on her back, which was visible over the corset+cleavage uniform they were all wearing. It was pretty cool-looking, I thought.

Self-expression, ownership of one's body, decoration, all kinds of things.
I have a tattoo of a dragon on the inside of my calf. I've had it for close to 10 years now, and I still have no regrets. It was something I wanted for awhile, and I love dragons. I have 2 more I'd like to get, but, sadly, money issues prevent that from happening right now.