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I attempt to provide entertainment. Attempt.

Got nothing done yesterday, 0 items from my to-do list. Let's try again today. Well, the Ethan ficathon promotion item at least got one half-hearted post to tweedandtea. So I'm at .5 out of 4. But instead of doing anything useful this morning, I hit you with a poll:

Day #2 at summer_of_giles. To continue a WIP or not?

Poll #1011177 WiPs for SoG: threat or menace?

Continuing a WIP for Summer of Giles is:

Cheesy. Write something entirely new.
Not a problem. For people who haven't read the first bit, it's like getting two stories!
If you don't give us the next part of "Reconnection" soon, I'm going to explode.
Admit it. You don't have any clue yet what you're going to do and you're temporizing.

So I just this morning realized that not just one but two Douglas Adams books are rejiggered Doctor Who plots. How slow am I?

Well, hey, you are watching Who for the first time evar. It's to be expected.
Huh? What? Which two?
What, the freakin' Tardis opening on the staircase wasn't enough of a hint for you?
Are you saying Marvin is the tin dog?
Box is a traveling Companion for Ticky, and there's no sex going on there. At all. Because it's the youth market, and we all know youths don't have sex.

ETA: The two are Life, the Universe, and Everything aka the Krikkit story, and the first Dirk Gently book.

Watched "The Doctor Dances" last night, and had my first moment of liking Jack. Yeah, woo, they sure dropped hints about that party of three turning sizzling, didn't they? Impressive. Definitely my favorite story thus far, for reasons having nothing to do with Jack.

Your random links for today, choose one: Managing Humans, a new book on managing software engineers that looks interesting; and a brief interview with Brian Eno, my art hero, on the eve of the US premiere of "77 Million Paintings". Or hey, how about this Salon article on the current Austen mania, which says: Part of what differentiates this round of Austen consumption from dozens of past infatuations is the degree to which the satiric acid of Austen's work seems to have been drained and replaced with 100-proof, widely accessible romance. And if you're curious about the Kipling story, you can read it online.
I am having a highly entertaining morning. One of the three boxes in our rack in the colo (the one not run by us) had a charming hole in some php script exploited. (Ask me why I hate php! I might stop answering some time this year!) At 10am this morning somebody uploaded a target for a phishing scam. At noon this morning we got a phone call about it from our colo. It's now down, but woo. We're handing over all the relevant data to the security agency that was RIGHT on top of the spam-scam.
I'm the one person voting for the Reconnection story. I'm crazy about that story. Although, I tell you that about most of your stuff. I think it's been a while since most people have read it, and they forget how fabulous it is.

Interesting article on Austen. I'm sending the link to my sister, who turned me on to those books years ago. I don't love Darcy half as much as Capt. Wentworth, myself. Can't understand all of the hubbub. And Colin Firth isn't as sexy as Ciaran Hinds either.
I wouldn't kick either one of them out of bed, I have to say. I did like that adaptation of Persuasion. Amanda Root was decent. Though have you seen the adaptation with Tony Head as Sir Walter Elliot? Anything with Tony Head in it is automatically better than any version without.
Have you seen Tony Head's Persuasion? I thought it wasn't going to be around until the fall or next winter. I hate to see him as the doddering old guy in movies, like Imagine Me and You. He should still be the love interest, not the dad. Was he ever the love interest in anything but those commercials? I cannot understand many of the career choices he has made. His main requirement these days seems to be that the job is close to home. That's nice for his family, but for fans it blows. I don't understand why his family wouldn't have lived in LA with him in the first place. My husband works for an English company, and many of the employees make the choice to live in America, leaving their families behind. For me, that would be unacceptable. But the English are different. They seem to be willing to move anywhere when it comes to work. At least all of the people my husband works with at Reuters are like that.
Friend, the secret about these Intertubenets is that anything can be downloaded via BitTorrent. This is how all our American friends are watching Doctor Who about three hours after our friends in the UK watch it.

I have been known to mail interesting items to friends via the old-fashioned postal networks. Cough. Send email if you want to watch some Tony Head bits. Like the coffee commercials.
Jane Austen without sarcasm is don't know what it's like, but it sure as hell isn't like Jane Austen!

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances is my fave of the New Who eps I've seen, thus far...that's through David Tennant's first season. We'll start getting S3 (DTS2) on Sci-fi in a couple weeks. 'Are you my mummy?' is a phrase that now sends chills down my spine and breaks my heart. But 'everybody lives'...when I hear Christopher Eccleston crow's like Beethoven's Ode to Joy. I cannot hear it without exulting, too.

Captain Jack is cute and funny and a glorious multi-slut and I sort of love him, but I don't know whether I'll care much about Torchwood when and if I see it. From everything I've heard it sounds like pretty much the whole point is that very pretty people kiss each other without regard to gender and then blow things up. I'm all for pretty people kissing, and I'm all for pretty people being bi...and I don't even mind the occassional explosion in my entertainment, but I like a little more substance than the descriptions have led me to believe I'll find.

We'll see how much mustard I want with those words once I see the show.
Everybody lives! A surprising and wonderful conclusion to an episode that until that point had been mostly horror. And ugh, yes, shudders at those words.

The Torchwood episode I liked best was "Random Shoes", which appears to have been the one that actual fans liked least. Again, for a message I found joyous and life-affirming. (Though "They Keep Killing [spoiler]" was also great stuff.)
Boo Phishrz! Seen Persuasion, it is on Bittorent.
The character in Imagine Me & You is a spoof on Prince Phillip, the mother is a spoof on Queen E. Mr. Head's char is not doddering, just royally..confused? His 'follow your heart' speach at the end was the only moving part of the movie for me.
Speaking of old TV, I'm watching Millenium on Waste time, not...dunno, I'm a lurker, not a bloody writer! *snit*
I read that Prince Phillip bit somewhere. Don't care, want sexy. Thanks so much for the tv links info, even though you were writing to Antenna and not me. It's definitely time to get my new laptop. The images are kind of grainy on mine.