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The Who-watching continues, slowly

To-do list for today:

- Write up a clever promotion for the Ethan ficathon, using the nifty banner wickedfox made.
- RPG action of some kind, taking my life into my hands. Er. I might be over-dramatizing that.
- Work a whole lot. No meetings today, so should be easier than it was yesterday. Not gonna happen. Or rather, no work where I wanted to work. Instead, a subtle bug that's probably been there since 1.0, and apparently I am the only human being capable of reading the code and figuring it out, because Mr nemaihne wrote it ages ago and he's elsewhere now. Plus, meetings appeared. Grunt.
- More exercise, more walking, more reading while doing same.

"Father's Day": V. sad, and a decent time-travel plot at last. Er, I could ship 9/Rose. Please understand that I have no idea about all the fandom issues there. I am kinda curious about why the Doctor is such a serial cradle robber. Fanfic deals with this, yes?

"The Empty Child": Yeah, I can see the obnoxiousness of Jack now. Aside from Jack's presence, I am liking the plot of this one greatly. Horror feels right for this show. I didn't truly understand until I visited the Imperial War Museum exactly what an effect the London Blitz & WWII in general had on England. So the setting gains some power.

Barrowman is v v pretty, and he looks maaahvelous in 40s tailoring, but alas! The attraction of the character continues to elude me. It's like James Marsters vs Spike: JM is utterly gorgeous, but the character just doesn't make my heart thump one beat faster.

Giles, House: heart aflutter. Spike, Jack: not.

Your random link for today: the Wired profile of Hans Reiser, file system author and possibly the murderer of his estranged wife. Reiser3 cost me many hours of agony before I dumped it for ext3.
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It's the attraction of Angel/David Boreanaz that I don't get. I can get finding Marsters lovely and not responding to Spike; but I just don't get the Broody Forehead Love.

Also, the Buffy/Angel thing is in some ways entirely too like my stepdaughter's obsessive relationships with certain guys. Minus the age difference and, you know, the vampirism.
My sister and I, when we were watching seasons 1 & 2 together in a huge binge, spent much time mocking Mr Broody McForehead. In a friendly way. The Buffy/Angel arc through seasons 2 & 3 is a great one, and it produced what are (to me) the best two seasons of the show. (Season 5 is a close runner up.) I don't quite get the attractiveness of Boreanaz either, but I can get why Buffy went for him. It's a mistake any teenager might make, though we all hope it doesn't turn into a life-ruining one.

However, like 9 + Rose, it's cradle-robbing. 240+ year old vampire going after a 16-year-old. Not quite as bad as 900+ chasing 19. Or 1100+ plus Anya chasing 18-yo Xander. Man, these setups seem absurd when I lay them out like that.
With Anya you at least have the excuse that she's a fairly immature *human*. (I love Anya.)

Kinda makes 45 and 16 seem not so terrible, doesn't it? *g*
43 and 16, she said, pedantically, because those two years make oh so much difference :)

It took an ljs clue bat to make me see the light with Anya, but I finally have. She's neat.
reiser = weirdness. I wonder if Nina is dead or in Russia with her kids.
If I had to bet, it would be on dead, buried somewhere in the Oakland hills. Reiser is not a well man.
Fanfic deals with this, yes?

Not that I've seen, or at least very rarely. And I've been reading in the fandom since 1984.
Oh ho! An opportunity! Though I think I would have to watch a lot more of the show before I dared write anything in the fandom. And there is so much Who to be watched. Erk!
I don't understand the Jack thing either...I'm watching Torchwood and I prefer Owen.

But unlike you I'm totally in love with Spike.
Owen also interests me, even though I know objectively that he's got some problematic ideas about what constitutes sexual consent. Er. To say the least. But there's something there that pushes one of my buttons. Brainyness?
I am kinda curious about why the Doctor is such a serial cradle robber. Fanfic deals with this, yes?

The onscreen acknowledgement of the sexual possibilities of the Doctor/companion bond is fairly recent. In the 60s, 70s and 80s it was positioned as a family-viewing show; I've read interviews with John Nathan-Turner (who produced the last of the Tom Baker years and most of the Peter Davison ones) in which he mentioned that young, cute PD was given specific instructions during promo shoots about not cuddling the companions because the producers didn't want to send a sexual message.

Also because it was at least nominally a family show with children watching, the companions often skewed young so that younger viewers could identify with them.
Aha. And so the modern re-imagining of the series has chosen to deal with what every fan of the show read as sexual tension or at least romantic possibility. (The producer of the new Who grew up a fan, I think?) Mr P was very funny on this topic as well: "Somewhere in the universe there is a Time Lord who wasn't obsessed with humans, but it turns out that he was boring television."
I always figured that part of the reason that the Doctor's companions are usually young is that it's young people who have the luxury of being able to drop everything in their lives to go travelling at a moment's notice and the impulsiveness to do so with some alien guy who very likely just got them nearly killed. I do wonder if the Doctor himself would see much difference between having a 20 year old human companion and a 40 year old companion from the same time period. From the human perspective, the 40 year old might have more maturity, but since humans are going to be woefully below the Doctor no matter what, might he prefer the flexibility of youth?

As for Jack, I'm indifferent towards him on Torchwood. I think that what I like about him on Doctor Who is his fanfic potential. By the end of Jack's episodes, Nine/Jack/Rose was obvious to me in a way that most threesome pairings aren't. Weirdly, I think he's in a position to bring some stability to the trio in that he's more the Doctor's equal as a knowledgeable time traveller than Rose could ever be, and he's a fellow human for when the Doctor is completely incomprehensible. That's fic, though, when there's all the time in the world for character development. Looking at what's on screen in his first episode, I can see your point.
I do wonder if the Doctor himself would see much difference between having a 20 year old human companion and a 40 year old companion from the same time period.

Oooh, that's a really good point.

We'll be watching the second episode with the three of them tonight, and I'm looking forward to it after your teaser there.
The thing is, how many species live to be 900? Not many. And now that he's the only Time Lord left in existence, well, it's not like he's got many options if he's going to find compantionship. Then there's the fact that each time he regenerates, he has a whole new body and a new personality; sometimes he seems v v old, and sometimes he seems v v young. I don't think it's the same as if a human lived to be that old. Then you take into account the fact that even when there still were Time Lords (i.e. before the Time War, i.e. in Classic Dr. Who), he didn't get along well with them--they were much too stodgy for him. He wanted to go out and have adventures, and humans are good for that. And you have adventures, you get close to your companions, in whatever way it happens.

A fic you should read: Cheer Up, Emo Time Moppet. This is a link to the last part of the story, because it's the only one with links to all the parts. It's hysterical.
Oddly, I have enough Dr Who trivia stored away to have made sense of that. I laughed and laughed! Thank you for the link!