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The Who-watching continues, slowly

To-do list for today:

- Write up a clever promotion for the Ethan ficathon, using the nifty banner wickedfox made.
- RPG action of some kind, taking my life into my hands. Er. I might be over-dramatizing that.
- Work a whole lot. No meetings today, so should be easier than it was yesterday. Not gonna happen. Or rather, no work where I wanted to work. Instead, a subtle bug that's probably been there since 1.0, and apparently I am the only human being capable of reading the code and figuring it out, because Mr nemaihne wrote it ages ago and he's elsewhere now. Plus, meetings appeared. Grunt.
- More exercise, more walking, more reading while doing same.

"Father's Day": V. sad, and a decent time-travel plot at last. Er, I could ship 9/Rose. Please understand that I have no idea about all the fandom issues there. I am kinda curious about why the Doctor is such a serial cradle robber. Fanfic deals with this, yes?

"The Empty Child": Yeah, I can see the obnoxiousness of Jack now. Aside from Jack's presence, I am liking the plot of this one greatly. Horror feels right for this show. I didn't truly understand until I visited the Imperial War Museum exactly what an effect the London Blitz & WWII in general had on England. So the setting gains some power.

Barrowman is v v pretty, and he looks maaahvelous in 40s tailoring, but alas! The attraction of the character continues to elude me. It's like James Marsters vs Spike: JM is utterly gorgeous, but the character just doesn't make my heart thump one beat faster.

Giles, House: heart aflutter. Spike, Jack: not.

Your random link for today: the Wired profile of Hans Reiser, file system author and possibly the murderer of his estranged wife. Reiser3 cost me many hours of agony before I dumped it for ext3.
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