First I'll go 100 mph, then I'll amble

Remember a few weeks ago when I was all ahoo about demo-ing something to lots of people? Yeah, so I demoed to practically the entire other company, and had nerd bonding with my opposite number, and now it's a real project. I will be spending the week attempting to turn my prototype into a real application and getting it as close to shippable in one week as possible. Won't be possible; there are three weeks of work here. But it'll be fun to go all-out and see how far I can get.

And I am taking vacation next week. Mr P is not, because he cannot, because [complicated and all-too-common tale about startups elided]. So I will be slouching around the Bay Area next week. My plans are lounging, relaxing, sleeping, sitting outside in cafes philosophizing, and writing Top Secret SoG Project #2. Any other slackers around want to join me in doing a lot of nothing?

So, flist! I have provided much entertainment in the last week. Now I beg you to entertain me while I attempt to kill myself with overwork before my vacation starts! What should I go read?
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Ooo! Nerd bonding!
You must have read the Davis 'Falco' books. They are Grafton in ancient Rome (male protagonist). Eminently rereadable, IMO.
Re: Ooo! Nerd bonding!
I have not read the Davis books! Though Mr P has a couple of them kicking around.

I have a huge weakness for fiction set in Rome. Am huge fan of Steven Saylor's Gordianus books, which are also mysteries in ancient Rome. The last days of the Republic in that case; Gordianus does some work for Cicero and a few other famous figures.

There is also the SPQR series by John Maddox Roberts. The SPQR stuff is early empire, I think, and fairly jokey.
Re: Ooo! Nerd bonding!
Okay, that's two of you recommending it. Will read. I also have Wilson's Spin cued up for my next exercise session (which needs to be tonight and if it isn't, somebody should kick me).
Re: Ooo! Nerd bonding!
There you go, 2 votes pro Davis. & movies! Um, The Stuntman + Lion in Winter is good for an evening. Fear not, your flist has many ways to entertain!
I'm planning on reading His Dark Materials this summer. The last great book I read was McCullough's bio on John Adams, but that was years ago. I'm really a fan of kids books. Newbery winners are always fabulous. I loved Karen Hesse's Out of the Dust. My daughter has a giant stack of books she's been begging me to read. Pendragon stuff mostly. Sorry. I used to read constantly. I don't know anything new. Good luck on your impossible project.
His Dark Materials is wonderful, wonderful stuff. Please read. Great books.

Good children's books are just plain good books, I think.
Any chance I could get you to take a look at the Giles and Xander fic I'm still trying to finish? I'm *so* close to done, yet miles away... but as my resident Xander expert I was hoping you could help.
Happy vacation (in advance). The new Bujold is out this week...

I'll recommend The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge. It's been one of my favorites since I was 13 or 14 years old. Although, admittedly, at the time I loved it as much for the cover art as I did for the story.

Enjoy your vacation!
I was looking at this the other day! I cannot remember what the hubby said about it. On the list it goes!
Ah, Ender's Game. Yes. Many times. Best in its novella form. Its sequels were horrifically bad, but it's one of the great novellas.

OSC doesn't realize it's a story about child abuse, apparently. OSC is one of those writers who seriously, deeply tempts me to deduce things about a writer from his writing. 'Cause man, he's radiating issues. A Planet Called Treason and "Unaccompanied Sonata" plus his homophobic essays add up to... put that analyst on danger money, baby!
Yeah, he went a little further than I could follow him in the rest of that series. And I've read the Ender's Shadow series, but... ugh. "Babies, babies, babies!"
The shadow series made me so damn mad. Okay, not the series, because I didn't get past the first book. The first book was fired at high velocity against the wall. And then the law was laid down: no more OSC in the house. The first Ender's Game sequel drove me insane: allegedly soooooper-genius children were unable to figure out the big mystery that this reader had figured out in the first twenty pages. Throw it! Heave it! Feels good, doesn't it?
Since we're reccing actual books, I shall suggest Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, which is not only fascinating from a philosophical standpoint but also features a talking gorilla. I mean, really, how can you go wrong?