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First I'll go 100 mph, then I'll amble

Remember a few weeks ago when I was all ahoo about demo-ing something to lots of people? Yeah, so I demoed to practically the entire other company, and had nerd bonding with my opposite number, and now it's a real project. I will be spending the week attempting to turn my prototype into a real application and getting it as close to shippable in one week as possible. Won't be possible; there are three weeks of work here. But it'll be fun to go all-out and see how far I can get.

And I am taking vacation next week. Mr P is not, because he cannot, because [complicated and all-too-common tale about startups elided]. So I will be slouching around the Bay Area next week. My plans are lounging, relaxing, sleeping, sitting outside in cafes philosophizing, and writing Top Secret SoG Project #2. Any other slackers around want to join me in doing a lot of nothing?

So, flist! I have provided much entertainment in the last week. Now I beg you to entertain me while I attempt to kill myself with overwork before my vacation starts! What should I go read?
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