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But after this, I return to Top Secret SoG Project #2

Fic later tonight. The next segment of "Blackmail". I'm struggling a bit with the ending. Interesting: I thought I knew how the evening would go for them, but seldomifever's prompt of "throat" completely changed the direction and the emotional tenor. It's better in keeping now with the main concern of this section. Er. Not to get all pretentious with my prawn. But I'm afraid it has become all character-driven and stuff.

Pretty soon I'm going to have to outline the whole thing. Or at least write the overall plotline in a couple of paragraphs. Writing serials is hard, you know that? How am I supposed to write the beginning if I don't know how it ends? How do I foreshadow if I'm not sure where it's going? What if I figure out halfway through that my plotline doesn't work?

Ignore it and charge onward! Ignore it and write an extra-smutty part to bewitch your minds and ensnare your senses!

We watched more Doctor Who. We've watched as far as "Dalek" and are having fun. Not brilliant SF, but it's entertaining television and it isn't taking itself too seriously. Generally we're aware of when the series is making references to older Who stuff; the nostalgia cues in the direction are painfully obvious. The writing is pretty stumbly and heavy-handed at times; lots of television-stupidity about real-life details. But Eccleston carries me through. I'd cheerfully watch him do anything at this point.

Thoroughly enjoyed Penelope Wilton as the future PM and architect of Britain's golden age. And also enjoyed Simon Pegg as The Editor bad-guy.

We might like Torchwood better than we did first go-round after watching this: hubby was happy to shout, "hey, that's Toshiko! That's Gwen as a maid! hey!" Though that wouldn't be hard; we thought Torchwood was kinda blah. Jack's appeal is entirely lost on me. I suspect it'll feel different with some context.
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Although I'm far from being an expert on the intricacies of writing, my advice would be to write the extra smutty part!
Writing serials IS hard. [nods] [sends hugs]
I have allowed the difficulty to paralyze me in the past. I've decided it's better to plunge ahead and make the mistakes. I will learn from them. I hope.
Jack's appeal in DW is entirely different than it is in Torchwood. Jack is WAY more fun in DW. Since I'm stuck without any tv/cable right now, I've been watching what's on my computer. Which means I was watching Torchwood last night. Which also means I was bored out of my mind last night.
Was it just me that wanted to slap Ianto silly? And then fire his ass from Cardiff back to some hole in the ground somewhere where he couldn't let emo stupidity endanger the entire freakin' human race? 'Cause it seemed like it was just me reacting that way.
Oh, Ianto and his emo tears of pain. Dude needs to spank his inner moppet and move on.

Actually, I was caught up by desperately wanting someone to a) teach Jack how to properly draw and hold a gun, and b) take away that stupid-ass period gun he had and give him a Glock or something.
Funny, when you showed me Torchwood, all I could think of was; "Hey, that was the undertaker's maid..." Eccleston was brilliant, and the first season quite watchable. The tenth doctor- well, not so much.

And once you see Cap'n Jack's introduction episode, you'll hate him all the more.