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FIC: Lies (Buffy/Riley, Giles/Buffy, FRM)

Title: Lies
Prompt: 66. Wrong
Pairing: Buffy/Riley, Giles/Buffy
Rating: FRM
Word count: 2100
Table: Complete smut_69 prompt table
Notes: BDSM kink. A Blackmail!verse story. The timeline is (contrary to what I hinted in the first story) mid-season 4. January 2000, after "Doomed" but before Ethan reappears in "A New Man".

The gang headed up the sidewalk, away from Giles' flat. It was a January day, so cool and cloudy, but not rainy or windy: a good day for walking the two miles from Giles' place to campus. Buffy wished she could jog it. She was feeling good post Giles-massage, and wanting to stretch her legs. Though he'd told her in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't be slacking off on her workouts any more. And he'd given her a book to read on meditation.

Buffy liked that he was being pushy. It felt different now that she knew where it came from inside him, this urge to prepare her. To make her the best possible Slayer. She might have to rethink everything about her relationship with Giles. No, that was not a "might". That was a "definitely". You couldn't have sex like that with somebody and go on thinking of them as repressed. That had been seriously hot sex. Last night, and this morning when he'd--

"--hey! Earth to Buffy."

"What? Huh? Sorry, Xan, I was thinking about my paper. What was the question?"

Xander walked backwards in front of her for a second. "Can you believe the hickey Giles had?"

"It was kinda obvious," said Willow. "Is Olivia back?"

Xander said, thoughtfully, "No. He said she'd broken up for good. Couldn't cope with the creepies. He was kinda down about it."

Buffy said nothing. She hadn't asked Giles about Olivia. She hadn't known that her Watcher had been dumped. Xander knew more about what was going on with him. Or at least he had. Buffy set her jaw. She was going to make it up to her Watcher in a big way.

Xander continued. "Guess he's seeing somebody new, now. And having wild monkey sex with her."

"That would be the conclusion of nine out of ten people who saw him," Buffy said, drily.

"That thing was recent, too. He got his neck gnawed on in the last day."

Willow said, "How do you know that? Second thought, don't tell me. I already know too much."

Xander's face was red. "Can I help it if Anya likes, well, everything? At least to try it once."

Buffy laughed, but it was a cheerful laugh. "She likes a lot of stuff. It's refreshing. You know, to have somebody come right out and admit they like the things that everybody else likes but we're all too shy to say."

Now Tara was blushing, and Buffy hadn't quite figured out why. Something there.

"I like that idea," Xander was saying. "I feel liberated by it. I'm going to come out of the closet and say that I like oral sex. Sunnydale, I like oral sex!"

Buffy and Xander started giggling hard. Willow punched Xander in the shoulder, then gave in and laughed too. They staggered across the big street onto the campus grounds, laughing until Buffy's stomach hurt.

Riley wasn't laughing. He looked a little grim. It wasn't that he didn't like oral sex, as Buffy knew well. It was that he didn't think it was cool to talk about this stuff. Not even with her in private. Which was strange from a psychology grad student. Or maybe not: Freud had been pretty screwy.

She had a sudden idea, maybe a little bit wicked. She smacked Xander. "How much stuff do you guys try, anyway? How far do you go?"

Xander turned red again. "Well, uh, Anya is not particularly interested in, aware of, or at all concerned by convention. She has never met convention, and I think if she did she would ask it why it bothered. So, in answer to your question, Buff, I'd say, all the way. At least once in each direction."

Tara spoke up for the first time. "That's good. Exploration is, is, is important. In my opinion. You can't predict, sometimes."

Now Willow was blushing, but again, Buffy didn't know why. Maybe she'd done some kinky stuff with Oz?

Xander nodded. "Yeah. You can't know until you try it whether you're going to like the whipped cream."

"Or the corset," said Willow.

"Or the girl on top," Buffy said, watching Riley to see if he winced. He didn't.

"Tame!" said Xander. "Doggy style, sixty-nine, cross-legged bare-naked in a field in Breaker's Woods."

Tara giggled. "Ooh, a nature-lover."

"Or all tied up! Or with a bunch of people at once," Buffy said, again watching Riley. This time he reacted.

"You've never done that."

"No, but maybe I want to try it."

"You shouldn't want to."

"Exploration is healthy," Willow said, in one of those voices that meant she was about to launch into a lecture that demonstrated she'd read not just this year's text but the one for next year as well. Which was fine with Buffy if she was going to show up Riley. But she didn't get a chance, because Riley was now in full swing himself.

"Exploration is not about corsets and bondage and exhibitionism in Breaker's Woods."

Buffy muttered, "So says mister doesn't want the girl on top." Only it came out a little louder than she'd planned.

"Hoo boy." Riley had flushed red. Now Buffy felt guilty. Dirty laundry, aired in public. Not cool.

"I am sensing conflict," said Willow. "I am sensing the Buffy wanting things the Riley doesn't like."

"And now you all know," Riley said, half under his breath.

Xander, ever the peacemaker, stepped in and stuck his arm around Riley's shoulders. "Lemme give you some advice, confidentially, just from one guy to another. If she says she wants to try something different, say yes. If it doesn't work out, you can get your favorite thing from her later to make up. And if it does, hey! Maybe a new favorite thing!"

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind, Harris." Riley's ears were still glowing.

"And with that parting shot, I say to you all, in a spirit of open and proud sharing, that it is my turn to pick up the porn vid today. Anya and I will be enjoying the experiences of some bi-curious co-eds, and I hope you all have as fine a day as I am planning on having. Ciao!"

And with that Xander was off, ambling toward downtown from the campus. Willow and Tara made their stumbling excuses and took off to Tara's dorm building. Buffy walked alongside Riley for a minute silently. She felt schmucky and grumpy at the same time.

"Sorry I said that in front of them," she said, eventually.

"Apology accepted."

They'd reached the front entrance of her dorm. Buffy perched up on the back of the bench, booted feet on the seat part. She scanned the traffic, one part of her always keeping watch. Riley stood with his head down. He was looking at her engineer boots.

"You look different today," he said, eventually.

"You mean the boots and jeans look?"

"No, I mean... something else. More confident? I don't know. Maybe it is just those boots. They're not very feminine."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Buffy said, eyebrow quirked. She'd defy anybody to call her anything other than feminine. Or cute. Or dressed with perfect taste.

"They're just... not."

"They're practical. I've got a stake in one and a knife in the other. And two more stakes and a bottle of holy water in my bag in my makeup kit. I keep the axe in my dorm closet, though. I tied a pink ribbon around the handle once. Does that help?"

Riley was standing in what Buffy had learned to recognize as an "at ease" stance, relaxed. He rocked back on his heels, then forward again. "That is, wow. You never stop, do you? No vacations."

"Slaying. It's not just a job, it's a lifetime." There was less bitterness in that than there might have been a couple of years ago. The Slaying had compensations.

"So. Were you serious? About wanting, you know?"

Buffy teetered on the edge right then. Tell him or not? She took too long deciding, because Riley sighed and went on with, "Paraphilias aren't healthy, Buffy."

Annoyance won, and Buffy tumbled into an attack. "I don't think it's exactly a para-whatsit to want to try a different position now and then."

Riley surprised her again, by not fighting back. "No, it isn't. You're right. I'm just being, I don't know, nervous. The guys in my squad talk about girls like... Never mind how. They're just such animals. I want to treat you better than that."

He shrugged, and looked ashamed, of all things. Why? Buffy was full of questions about her friends today. They were all acting hinky about sex. She was really starting to appreciate Anya and Xander. No hink, all kink. But she was still annoyed.

"I don't get why me wanting something turns you into an animal."

Riley opened his mouth, shut it again, then shuffled. "This is way too soon. And I'm not pushing. But I was thinking longer-term. With you. You're the sort of girl I'd like to take home to meet my parents, you know? Things with you are not just about fun."


"Like I said, too soon. But I just wanted to let know how I'm thinking. You're not just somebody I'm sleeping with."

Buffy leaned forward on the bench. Riley took a step closer. "Riley. That's sweet. Really. But I gotta say, just 'cause you're serious doesn't mean we can't also have fun. You're the first nice person I've ever slept with, you know? I kinda want to find out. Explore. Try stuff. Maybe not quite as methodically as Xander and Anya, but--"

That was a lie, though, and she knew it as she said it. Everything she'd just said, sort of true but mostly a lie.

"Yeah. Okay. I can do that." Riley smiled at her, and Buffy remembered all the reasons why she liked him.

"So what do you want? What's your most secret wish, the thing you've never asked a girlfriend to do that you've always wanted?"

Riley was bright red again. He looked around to make sure nobody was walking nearby before he answered. "Talk about it right here?"

"Naw. Think about it, and tell me next time we're in bed. Then we'll do it." Buffy tried to make herself sound enthusiastic. But Riley didn't need that, apparently, because he'd already worked himself up.

"Oh, man, I'm going to spend all day-- Oh, jeez. Tonight? Dinner and then my place?"

"Can't tonight. I have too much work. Need to catch up on some studying." She did have work. Really she did. It was more an omission than a lie. "Tomorrow?"

Riley bit his lip. "I have special training all day. Something new Professor Walsh wants to show me. Tuesday?"

"Yeah, okay, I'll pencil you in. Joke!" Buffy stood up on the bench and pulled Riley over for a kiss.

In her dorm room, finally alone, Buffy kicked off her boots and flopped back onto her bed. For a few minutes she didn't think about anything. She just breathed, and let her muscles relax. It was a training exercise she'd learned from Giles. Centering and calming. Any activity could follow from that centered place. Honing, meditating, studying. She hadn't done it in ages. She did it now, and then tried to think about what she wanted.

She wondered what Riley's secret fantasy was. She suspected it would be sort of charming. Ward and June Cleaver get kinky. The height of exotica for Iowa. Or he could surprise her. But she was not betting on it.

Then there was the guy whose fantasies she already knew. Later tonight, after she'd killed a demon with a piece of wood, Buffy was going to go over to her Watcher's apartment and tie him up, which would probably make him wild all by itself. Then she was going to fuck him, and he was going to moan and beg and go even more wild. He wasn't going to try to protect her from anything, and would probably glare at anyone who suggested that was a good idea.

There was no contest which one of them turned her on more. Which one of them she wanted at her back. Which one she was going to spend primo Saturday night time with.

So why hadn't she broken up with Riley?

No clue. And she was starting to feel exhausted by the introspection.

Buffy sat up and pulled her lit notebook out of her bag. She had a metric ton of work to do, starting with that lit paper. And she was not going to think about how Giles had moaned while she whipped him. Not. Not even a little. He was the one who was supposed to spend the day in a frenzy, not her. She was going to read Ethan "Whiner" Frome and not fantasize. At all.

At midnight, she was waiting at the intersection with Giles' wooden knife in her hand, thinking that the sooner she got this over with, the sooner she could get into bed with her Watcher.

The Chuffer didn't live long enough to know what hit it. Buffy walked to Oakpark Street with six happy dogs dancing around her feet.

To be continued in 4. "Waiting"
Tags: fic:giles/buffy, fiction, series:blackmail, smut69

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