Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

How I spent my evening

1) Watching "Revelations". Wondering about the bit of business with Giles taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his vest before he makes that tense, hurt speech to Buffy about her lack of respect for him. A symbolic stripping away of his defenses (the third-season layers of the burnt and guarded Giles), before he reveals the extent to which their relationship is damaged, which is interesting.

2) Reading this bit of meta about (what seems to me to be) a rather obvious point that writing about women can be feminist, and excluding them entirely might, er, not be. And then deciding that I cannot possibly psychoanalyze fandom from the comfort of my office chair.

3) Struggling with the next section of "Blackmail". Deciding that while it would be nice to be feminist, subversive, and not entirely heteronormative, I would settle for a realistically flawed depiction of Buffy. With girl parts. Which is apparently, at the moment, beyond me.

4) Wondering where exactly my husband is, because this is a tad late for no word whatsoever. ETA: Apparently at work. And now in the doghouse. Joy.
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