How I spent my evening

1) Watching "Revelations". Wondering about the bit of business with Giles taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his vest before he makes that tense, hurt speech to Buffy about her lack of respect for him. A symbolic stripping away of his defenses (the third-season layers of the burnt and guarded Giles), before he reveals the extent to which their relationship is damaged, which is interesting.

2) Reading this bit of meta about (what seems to me to be) a rather obvious point that writing about women can be feminist, and excluding them entirely might, er, not be. And then deciding that I cannot possibly psychoanalyze fandom from the comfort of my office chair.

3) Struggling with the next section of "Blackmail". Deciding that while it would be nice to be feminist, subversive, and not entirely heteronormative, I would settle for a realistically flawed depiction of Buffy. With girl parts. Which is apparently, at the moment, beyond me.

4) Wondering where exactly my husband is, because this is a tad late for no word whatsoever. ETA: Apparently at work. And now in the doghouse. Joy.
"Revelations" is right after "Band Candy," yes? Because when he's in his T-shirt and jeans in "Band Candy," he feels *really* comfortable shouting at Buffy. My own read on the "Revelations" scene is that while his tweed costume can be a defense, "Band Candy" has reminded him of who he is, outside of the Watcher-drag. He's hurt in "Revelations", but he's angry as well, and he's getting tired of playing Tweed Man.

I'd say YMMV, except I KNOW your mileage varies from mine. :-)

Happy Saturday!
Ooh, that's an interesting take. Will ponder: stripping costume/role, not defenses. Though generally my take on "Band Candy" is that it's more who he wishes he was than who he actually was, the role analysis can still hold.

Happy Saturday! Time for coffee.
Giles stripping?
When I watch it I see a very angry man who wants time to get his words right. He's 'shake some sense into her' mad, needs to get the right words, needs to get the stutter under control.
(I see a poll: Giles stripping, pro or con?)
Re: Giles stripping?

Yes, you are correct about the tense anger in that scene. And we see it again in "Amends" (which I watch for the Giles bits, stopping short of the Very Special Episode ending).
Deciding that while it would be nice to be feminist, subversive, and not entirely heteronormative, I would settle for a realistically flawed depiction of Buffy.

Isn't the whole Buffyverse essentially feminist and subversive pretty much by definition, whether het or not? Unless one shoves Buffy, Faith, or any other Slayer into the secondary sort of role Buffy had in "Superstar" or something.
Not necessarily. There's some argument about that; I certainly read it as feminist, but there are those who don't. I can't remember the exact argument I had with someone about it once in college (it was a fellow Feminist Studies major of course, *rolls eyes*), but they were quite vehement.

My reaction to that is usually that the person either hasn't seen enough of the show to really judge or simply doesn't get it.
Buffy has a huge leg up over all-boy shows like Supernatural-- lots of strong female characters to choose from, a canonical relationship between two women if femslash is your cuppa, and a mythology that hands you physically powerful women. (Though lord knows, when I examine that mythology to find stories, sometimes I see not empowerment for women but tragedy and flies-to-wanton-boys. But mostly I love Buffy as a character for this very reason. She's the hero.)

But fans can take any setup and drag it where they wish.
loved ones missing dinner bells
Sympathy on the point of belated spouse. Puck missed curfew last night. The Grey Brothers came right in, as did both parents, but the fiercely independent Silver Son was AWOL, and I mean completely. Everyone else was chowing down after 2.5 hours of hard romp, but no Puck. I went over the house with a fine tooth comb. There were, I thought, a limited number of places where a small silver person could hide since all hall doors were closed. But at 1 a.m., still no puff mouse. I was very worried that he'd gotten into the space behind the built-in dishwasher and couldn't get out. But he would have howled for help then, as he's quite the vocal one. Nothing.
This morning at 6am, I come into the kitchen for tea and check one of his favorite [and forbidden] haunts and there sits the Most Forlorn Delinquent Puff Child. He swore at me but didn't dodge when I scooped him up and tucked him right into the sleepy midst his parents. After nose kisses, he was down into the food like, well, a kid who missed dinner. *ahem*
Now if I could just figure out where in the hell he was. Truly. A bafflement.
Re: loved ones missing dinner bells
Only himself to blame, the silly boy.

I am being chirruped at by a hungry cat. Not a kitten any more, this giant black thing that Mina has turned into. Apparently I am late providing the morning cream. Big meanie, me.
I love that moment in "Revelations." Watched it not too long ago for just that moment, actually. I don't know if they ever address it again though; he gets clubbed over the head halfway through that episode, and there isn't really anything said when he shows up again. Buffy talks to Faith, but not to Giles.
All kinds of interesting Giles stuff in that ep, I think. The insecurity that allows Post to manipulate him so easily, for instance. The ragged relationship with Buffy, which doesn't really get repaired. They're still uneasy because of Angel in "Amends", for instance.
Ah, that's right. I'd forgotten about "Amends." I don't really like that episode - is so incredibly cheesy - so I think I've actually only seen it once.