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Friday update

17 signups for the Ethan ficathon so far! Yay! I will re-pimp in some new places this weekend, and then put out one more call two days before signups end.

A joke that I cannot resist making, though it's too geeky-cheesy to be allowed to live: I have a secret yen to write Giles/Ethan/Buffy. I will title the story Giles Ethan Buffy: an Eternal Golden Braid.

Am coping okay with post-project letdown at the moment. I'm sure the black dog will bite my heels some time this weekend. I'll need to find something else to work on quickly. Maybe my big software project; maybe the next story.

I just re-read the two unfinished stories in the Thusia-verse: 1) Giles' selection as Buffy's Watcher, which is a cracktastic slash thing that explores the corners of the Watcher culture and ritual practice; and 2) a character study that follows it immediately, showing Giles packing to move to the US. I don't know that I'll ever release these into the wild, but they are interesting. They were the mechanisms I used to work out the backstory for the main "Thusia" story. But really, the next thing I should write there is the Cruciamentum story. All the loose ends in the main story are tied up in that followup. And I have a thing I want to do with Quentin Travers that is intended to make people's heads explode.

My goal as a writer: to make your head explode.

Probably I should just set that entire project aside for the moment and finish up the next two prompts in "Blackmail", since they're also nearly done. I am liking the 1500 word goal I have for each of those prompt responses. It's a manageable length.

Cannot decide between two different projects for July 11. Most of the things I want to work on at the moment are Giles/Buffy. spring_with_xan was Spring with Xan & Giles for me; now it's Summer of Giles/Buffy.

Project 1: Maybe 15-20K words. Outlined, partly written. Has some fun bits; is essentially comic in tone, with some romance elements and a vampire threat.
Project 2: Maybe 10K words tops. Unplanned, unwritten. But is a continuation of a popular WIP. Romance, tragedy, canon fixup.

Start 'em both; see which one catches fire in my head, I guess.
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