You could make railway timetables depend on me

And like clockwork, it's pre-posting moment of story despair. Right on schedule!

Me to Mr Pedia: Here's just the action sequence snipped out of the story, so you don't have to read any icky stuff.
Mr Pedia: [reads] When is this due?
Me: Any time tomorrow.
Mr Pedia: How much other work do you have to do on this story?
Me: [gulps] Er....
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Tomorrow morning, Pacific time. Maybe 9 or 10am? Depends on how late I have to stay up tonight rewriting this action sequence. Freakin' stupid husband pointing out mumble mumble bleah.
You understand that I cannot possibly meet such high expectations. Am doing a last-minute read of the prologue bit.
Great! I just feel like a dork checking every five minutes. My expectations aren't too high, they're just right. I wonder how someone like Rowling deals with each new story. It must be painful.