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Editing is interesting. It's the conscious side of the compositional process, where I look at what my unconscious has dredged up from the sea-bottom and sort through it. Seaweed, dead fish, dead fish, horseshoe crab, four zillion periwinkle shells, more seaweed... gold coin. Or abandoning my goofy metaphor: crappy sentence, mixed metaphor, crappy sentence, wrong word... good lord an important thing about the character, crappy sentence...

I write my ending, then rewrite my beginning, then tweak my ending again. I read through and try to comb my language so it all comes from the same metaphor system. I know theblackmare accuses me of sticking with purely functional words and never letting myself be decorative. Hee! But I have a thing I'm tryin' to do.

Just take it as read that I'll be editing up until the moment I post on Thursday. And probably afterward.

Next. To whom do I owe what? Remind me. secondalto, I have two stories to be read, sitting in my Folder of Shameful Lateness. Anybody else? I have a horrible feeling that I have forgotten something. Like for xphile. Since January. Um. Crap. Did I really do that?

Your random link for today: Hmm! I have a link to BDFL Guido's update on the state of Python 3.0. Approximately -3 of you want to read that. How about a link to a crappy over-compressed video of a Discovery Channel documentary on the history of Atari? No? How about tomorrow's APOD, then, showing an eclipse of Venus? I think you'll like that one.
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Don't panic too much over me, love. I've been running around like the Doctor without his sonic screwdriver for the past 3 months and am now officially at the point where I'm packing up to move to Iceland and change my name to Helga.

Now, having said that, I'm awaiting 'Thusia' with barely (read: not in the slightest) restrained eagerness, the next bit of 'Blackmail' with a gleam in my eye that (I've been told) is more than a little maniacal, and if we (read: I) don't get the next section of 'Reconnection' soon, something is going to go 'boom.'

Right. So, how's your day been? ;-)
See, now I get the sonic screwdriver reference! It's a plot device thingie! It has to fail or be useless when convenient, but since how it works is never explained, that's easy.

I decided I really did need a Buffy segment before the nearly-finished Giles segment in "Blackmail", so I've been fidgeting with that; probably next week to post 2 pieces. I generally have a fidget story that I work on while I can't think about my main project. That's been the role in life of "Blackmail" for about six months now :)

"Reconnection". *whistles innocently*
This is your reminder.

Folder of Shameful Lateness? *giggles*

Worry not my dear, you're not the only one. I have another person betaing a Stargate story for me and she's had it for longer than you've had the two Buffyverse things.

Do be warned, I have two stories finished (for summer_of_giles and a third in progress and they will likely be shot your way sometime in the near future. (I am getting a little twitchy about having all this fic to post and having to wait to post it!! *flails*)
Ooo I could use a sonic screwdriver. My better half has taken to wandering into my Geekspace & saying 'The Internet's broken.' He never watched Who, so a comment re:screwdriver would be wasted. *sigh*
That said, here he is with Grilled (Jalepeno) Cheese & Tomatoe for lunch. So ya, about that Thusia. And Blackmail. OMG!! NOWish kthxbye please. *big sigh*
My ficrec is http://www.athenewolfe.com/justrewards/viewstory.php?sid=879&chapter=1 [Out of Africa by spikeNdru], not an author I've read before, but its a good rollicking adventure. While we(I) wait. *really BIG sigh*
I will post no story before its time. /orson-welles

Brain consumed with editing atm. Actually, brain consumed with paying work at the moment. If you could arrange for me to win the lottery, I'd write more fic.