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A cheerful Monday

Am still riding on the high of having finished a draft several days early for once.

Well, hey. Mr Pedia and I watched the first two episodes of the New Dr Who last night. He has very little classic Dr Who experience as well. We both loved Christopher Eccleston-- manic and uncontrolled! Loved it when Rose asked him if he was an alien, why did he sound like he came from the north? "Lots of planets have a north!" Beautifully absurd. He's terrifying-looking when still, but wonderful in motion. Though lord knows, I think they ought to have let him have some hair. The feel of the show was cheesy and a little silly, which seems right for what I know about Who. I like shows that don't take themselves entirely seriously.

I'm more than halfway done with The Sharing Knife. Am enjoying it greatly thus far, but of course cross-generational love stories work nicely for me. I feel like my next read needs to be hard SF, though. Or maybe I'll find some classic Vance to read. I want to read shorter fiction and think about structure and how various effects are achieved.

I note that Amazon tells me that the next Bujold book is due out in hardcover in a few days. I'm afraid Bujold doesn't quite rise to the level of rating hardcover editions in our shelving-constrained household. Authors that do: Brust, Pratchett, Rowling, McKillip. Mr P will sneak in the odd Glenn Cook book as well. When I say "shelving-constrained", what I mean is that we're out of walls to put bookshelves on.

12 signups for the Ethan ficathon so far! I have not signed up myself yet-- am waiting to the end to see if I need to adapt my prompts to make matchups easier. But that's already enough that there'll be a decent amount of fiction to read. wickedfox made me a banner, but I haven't done anything with it yet.

I got Technorati to index giles_fic_recs, so in theory it is now searchable. Can't put the search widget on the comm page, however, because LJ wisely strips script tags. I've also done one pass on the last 2 months of entries to add author tags, some season setting tags, and a few content tags.

Your random link for the day: The Science of Gaydar. New research on physical differences between gay men and women and straight men and women. The research at the moment is trending hard in the direction of "it's biology, and it's probably prenatal".

JADP: My hands show the masculinized finger length ratios. I perform like men in 3D spatial tests. (My degree is in math. Cause or effect?)
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I won't spoil you for the Bujold when my copy arrives, promise!

And have a happy week. :-)
Grrrrrrrrgle! I might yield to temptation and endure the glare of the long-suffering Mr P.

I hope your week in the subtropics will also go well! And that the SBD is enjoying chewing on something tasty.
I will probably get the new Bujold in hardback. You can borrow, if you like.
Hey, right! You're going to be back in this hemisphere soon! We'll need to get together and do something relaxing involving beer & food.
Yes, we do! I shall be burning a path between my house and Santa Cruz for the whole month of July, I imagine, so making a detour to PA is pretty easy. Or we could do the Parkway again, if they have something cool playing. Will try to cut it less close this time.
If you'd like a hard SF rec, have you read Spin? It's by Robert Charles Wilson, whose earlier books made me go eh, but Spin is out of this world fantastic.
The cheese factor of DW settles down after the first couple of eps. By "The Empty Child", the show hits its stride. (IMHO, that and the Doctor Dances are the best two eps of the season.)
We watched the Dickens one (with the always-amusing Simon Callow) last night. Now we must wait for Netflix to send us more. Pout! It's fun even with the taste of cheese.
I was becoming quite irritated reading The Science of Gaydar because of the position that Gay vs Straight was binary (0 vs 1) despite the references to the Kinsey scale. [Scale, what scale?] So, it was finally revealed that real male bisexuality doesn't exist.

However, as for women, well ... I am a woman. And apparently, I have wiggle room. DUH. And le sigh.

Not enlightened hugs,
They don't really understand most of it. But it would be surprising to me if it turned out that it worked the same in men as in women. Mechanisms totally different, behaviors different. My hunch has long been that women are more fluid than men.