Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Houston, we have a draft

A complete draft. Oh man. Almost 20,000 words. It's not good yet. Needs trimming: the fight sequence is now too long, I suspect. I did solve my plot problem in the second half. I hope. All the new material needs tightening and sentence-smithing in a big way. I lose my grip on my controlling metaphors during these spasms of writing vast swathes of text.

But! Draft! If my brain falls out of my skull tonight and doesn't get reinstalled before Thursday, I have something to post!


Did you know that I have another 12K words of fiction set in this verse in draft format? Yeah. Two earlier stories that are too weird for public consumption. But I think the sequel will be a corker.

Your random link for tonight: people with more disposable cash than you & me are bidding on BPAL on Ebay.
Tags: fic wittering

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