Core 4


Thank you to the anonymouse who nominated "Blackmail" and "Four nights and a revelation" at the Fang Fetish Awards for round 7. Yay!

I'm kinda pleased with how "Blackmail" turned out, so that nom in particular makes me squeeful. Can't believe it's been more than a year since I posted the Core Four story: I've now been doing this fanfic thing a whole year. Eek.
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Thanks! The Core Four fic was, literally, my first shot at writing slash. And I got both m/m and f/f slash into the mix. Heh. I have my own opinions about what worked and what didn't in that one.

"Blackmail" is too recent for me to be able to think about it rationally. Also I'm in the middle of working on the first sequel, and I've just this week figured out what the larger character arc is. For both Buffy & Giles. 69 prompts to write, which gives me 60 more 1500-word-long story pieces to write. So I can't really think about it dispassionately. Too tangled up in it still.