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Another fine mess

I just wrote up my Ethan Rayne ficathon post and made a dorky little all-text banner to go with it until I can beg wickedfox to make one for me. I will post it tomorrow and open up signups and begin the pimpage. And then my long nightmare will begin...

I have been writing html by hand or writing software to generate html since 1994, when I first built NCSA server from source. (Which is to say: Stone knives and bearskins! Uphill both ways! Get off my lawn!) But tonight I wrote the page using Coda and I gotta say, nice tool. The CSS editor in particular is schweet. Truly schweet. I'll see what this can do with my fic archive site. Though I will confess it's not really a step away from writing web pages by hand. It's jet-assisted write-by-hand. Which is fine by me.

Hobby software project is now well underway. The amount of work is huge, but I am steadfastly ignoring that and doing one small thing a day. Mr Pedia has so far contributed an automated build system.

Less than one week until fic is due and I still don't have a complete first draft of "Thusia". It's edging closer, every day, and I have no other plans for the weekend. But, um, eek? Especially when I spend some of my scant writing time on, er, the next section of "Blackmail". Bah.

Your link for the day: Bad Spock drawings.
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