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Summer, summer, summer! The soundless footsteps on the grass!

Life, it continues. Worked from home yesterday, which was a terrible mistake because a) zombies, and b) it was a million degrees. I worked out this morning and was in a soaking sweat instantly. (Ew! Mr Pedia, no longer drooling green slime, said that no, it was a healthy glow not sweat.) And this is with approximately 0% humididity [sic sic dammit sic].

My new read-only-while-working-out and thus incentive-to-work-out book is Bujold's The Sharing Knife. Once again I'm impressed by her sheer storytelling skills: world-building and character-building and problem statements in not a lot of prose, without expository lumps. One second you're reading her description of a farm, and the next second you're aware of how tenuous civilization is in that area. And then you know some kind of magic exists, and then you see it in use. Most excellent and inspirational.

I have a pile of about a million small presents for many of you. I need to get my act together and mail things. My theory is if I say it out loud here, I'll be embarrassed into doing it.

I personally love reading fic wittering, because it makes me feel less alone in my Dreadful Suffering (tm). So here's some.

The current story is approaching a first complete draft. This is a trifle misleading because some sections of it have been solid for weeks, and are fairly polished, and other sections are only now coming together. Though this did get a fairly detailed outline, so I've known for some time what needs to happen. I worked on the fight scene a bunch last night, which is a bit of a long-ish set piece. I think I'm going to have to sweat over it some more to make sure that it stays tight & tense, while the action is comprehensible. I have a pretty clear vision in my head of how it goes, but I need to find the right details to mention to evoke it in your heads while not over-specifying.

Hard work, but fun, and I'm learning a bunch as I go. It is, however, the slowest writing I've yet done. Words per hour rating is dismal.

And I owe tons to glimmergirl for digging out her Greek grammar and translating some things for me.

My plans for my second summer_of_giles story change daily by whim. I do have a core plan that I keep returning to & thinking about, but I'm constantly tempted away. E.g., wickedfox's manip post yesterday included this tantalizing item: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Apocalypse, which is general enough to prompt a zillion funny stories in response, in any pairing or gen setup you can imagine. gileswench wrote one response as a quickie yesterday, which is hilarious. But I think the world needs more.
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OMG, that apocalypse pic made me spontaneously snort out loud (at work, grr). Thanks for sharing!
I enjoyed The Sharing Knife. Bujold really is a master storyteller.
She hooked me fast. I was impressed. I didn't like the last Chalion book so much: interesting setup and mythology, but the central story wasn't twisty enough, and the romance was too easy. Even with those complaints, it was still a wonderful read by a writer with massive command of her craft.
I like the first Chalion book best by far, partly, I suspect, because it pushes my h/c kink buttons. I might actually write some Chalion fic for the bujold_fic ficathon. Caz/Palli, to be specific. Though I might end up writing Ekaterin at university instead. We'll see.
I'm with you on the best Chalion book, there, though I enjoyed all of 'em. If you write that, I will happily read :)
Yes, the world needs many, many more fics based on that manip!

(heads back to work on Jack the Ripper fic, which has been stalled for months)
Mmm, Jack the Ripper fic! I love reading takes on that story. Holmes-y versions in particular. *sends you supportive beverages*
You're reading the first half of it, right? I hope I didn't miss the second one coming out.
Bujold's best book was Shards of Honor. Some of the others are OK, but not up to that standard. I'm reading a werewolf romance that's pretty odd. The girl hires a hitman to kill her because her mom is a bitca and won't leave her alone. He turns out to be a werewolf and a member of the mob. It's very strange.
I liked the first Chalion book a whole lot, maybe as much as Shards of Honor. Which I agree was great.
I did read that one and thought it was pretty good--if a tad grim. Haven't read any of the others in that series though.