oh dear

are those sirens?

My husband called to say he was coming home for lunch unexpectedly. His voice was strange. When he arrived, he was carrying a paper bag-- gripping it in a fist. He'd pulled the car across the front lawn. The dogs sniffed at him then howled. Then he ate one of them.

I shut the front door and have barricaded it. I can hear him out there, stumbling around in the roses he's spent so much time cultivating.
The neighbors... they've clustered into a great pack and are shambling slowly down the street.

I've got a shotgun in the closet, and thanks to Doom I know how to use it.
And now I have two zombie dogs, thanks to Zombie Mr Pedia. Two tiny zombie dogs. The kitten is standing on my head with all her claws dug in.

Okay, that creeped me out! Here I was, innocently doing my GilesWatchers post and saw your name, a name I can *trust* and read... that.

Gave me shivers!

Further south, there was a news report of traffic stopping on 101 and people shuffling down the highway...

I don't have a shotgun, do you think a machete will be good enough? I think that the barricade I've made will hold...

Maybe the roses will stop the Zombie Mr.Pedia?
Machetes are excellent against zombies. Though I have also used the trusty crowbar effectively against zombie scientists (while in my guise as mild-mannered physicist Gordon Freeman).
What you really need are grenades and rocket-launchers. I learned that from Joss.

And where is River Tam when you need her? I'm sure she could take them all out.
Excellent point there about River. And about rocket launchers. Do we you think we could coax Xander into stealing one for us?
I'll go with Xander and Giles. Giles and I can distract the guards while Xander steals the rocket launchers. You know how the guards like to watch. *wink*
Oh, Ms. Pedia. You have nothing to worry about. Just open the door and let Mr. Pedia in. After all, isn't this just another example of "in sickness and in health"? So, just think of it that way.



Open the door.

You can do it.

Oops! Sorry, gotta run. There's somebody pounding on my dooooooooo.....

//message interrupted due to loss of signal//