Oh. Yay. Monday.

Hello new friends, old friends, medium friends, tall with an extra shot friends, and friends regulah with one sugar! Ah, yes, it's Monday.

Serious work on "Thusia" resumes. The push to the finish! I would like to have a draft finished by late this week so the Beta Reader of Greatness can do another pass while I still have time to react. I'm excited about this story. I fear everyone but me will hate it or have a sort of WTF? reaction.

I will probably decide later this week that the next section of "Blackmail" is ready to be posted and has been for days. That one seems to get more interested in character stuff with every prompt response I write. Good or bad? People might prefer their smut undiluted.

Serious work on Joint Hobby Project commences. Did you know that all existing web app frameworks are awful in one way or another? If you want to write a proper n-tier architecture, you're writing it yourself. Except for, which is minimal enough not to make assumptions about how you're storing data. Mr P says we're writing our own in C++, which is demented but right now I wouldn't bet against it.

Er, and it's Monday, so serious work on serious paying work has continued.
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How on earth could we hate anything you write, my dear? You've got me reading and actually enjoying Giles/Xander love stories. (And I hate them together, except for some super-hawt pwp.)
Aha! My evil plans are coming to fruition! *rubs hands together, cackles*. This one is Giles/Buffy, though, so I think you will like it better just on principle :)
Hey, you have Y!M too, right? Do you mind if I add you?
I fear everyone but me will hate it or have a sort of WTF? reaction.

Not unless you have given it a Meg Ryan style makeover since you showed it to me.