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WIPs and deadlines, oh dear

Because it helps me to organize myself in the absence of a GTD app, I make a list here:

- maleslashminis Giles round story, due Sunday. 500+ words. No ideas. Or rather, ideas, but only vague ones. 4 days. AIGH!

- "Thusia", due June 21 for summer_of_giles. 2 weeks. AIGH!

- summer_of_giles day 2, July 11. For which I have several ideas, none of them particularly beyond the vague notes stage. I have an ambitious goal that might be summed up as "continue three WIPs", will be cut down to "continue two WIPs" soon, and will probably end up as "continue one WIP, and at that probably not the one people actually want continued". AIGH!

It's obvious I'm a pressure junkie.

The WIP review, or, Guilt-Fest 2007
  • Tradition & Protocol. Cracktastic G/B season 4 retelling in progress. Next section still where it was two months ago: outlined, 2/3rds written.

  • Blackmail 2: "Polestar". Kinktastic G/B season 4 retelling. The next 1500-word bit is nearly ready to post.

  • Ars Draconis. Swords and sorcery gen season 5 rework. I have an overall story outline, but no detailed outline for the next section, and a lot of internal conflict about what needs to happen. Aside from the climactic scene, which I've had clear in my head for months.

  • Reconnection. Post-Flooded G/B. "Oh yeah. Willow’s soul is probably going to be eaten by Osiris to pay for resurrecting me. Which isn’t making me happy. So if you get any good ideas about that one, I’m all ears." No outline, but a clear idea of what needs to happen, and deep fear about it.

  • Cloud Animals, "Partners" part 2. Soft, gentle, post-Chosen G/X series. No outline. Vague ideas. Wesley is grumpy. Kennedy is grumpy. Xander is about to screw up.

  • "Breaking Glass"-verse novel, aka the NaNoWriMo project, aka the Christian Watcher-Slayer bond novel. Nearly 60K words of story, starting in season 2 with Jenny Calendar dead, ending up in England with Quentin Travers, er... something. Religion, guilt, amends, prophecy, sacrifice & reward, lost artifacts, history drowned deep. Also it's sort of epic hurt/comfort. I started re-reading it the other night and, wow, hooked myself. That was cool. Except that it's only half-written.

  • Many many other story projects in the notes or 500-words-of-writing phase. Valentine's Day prompts story. Two stories in response to the poll last week. "Readings", the Tarot story. Giles/Jenny and Giles/Joyce fragments. The stupid Musgrave Ritual retelling that I totally forgot about during my February of No Writing. The "Displaced Watcher" sequel, con snark.

And as your random link for today: Soviet cold war era video games!
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