Giles/Ethan friends

Let's have some Ethan, then

I am going to run an Ethan Rayne ficathon. I've done the challenge-style ficathon before, for Rupertus Domesticus, but that required almost no work from me other than pimpage. This is more work. I have been reading hints from other people.

Was thinking of asking for prompts that look like this:
- characters or pairings
- brief scenario or prompt
- one thing you don't want
- characters you most want to write
- characters you can't ever write
- anything else you can't write

Heavily inspired by the maleslashminis signup format, which looks well-optimized to me.

Min length 1000 words. (Which feels way short to me, but I realize I'm prolix.)

Timeline: signups until June 30 (Sat), assignments sent July 2 or 3 (Mon or Tues), stories due Aug 19 (Sunday, just under 7 weeks to write). Email reminders sent 3 weeks out and 1 week out. It's looking like the very end of August or even Sept would be better for more people. I'll pick something soon...

I want to time this for after Summer of Giles, but before the fall. Opinions? Suggestions? Donations of heavily psychoactive painkillers? Suggestions for a catchy title?
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I'm actually interested, for what its worth. I'm only good at writing Ethan as a bad guy though, and I'm not huge on slash, although I've attempted it before...

I guess this comment is just to show you I'd be interested, if wanted?
Yay! It's my job as organizer to give you a request you can write. Sign up! (When I post signups, that is.)
Let's see I've a) written Ethan exactly once and b)killed him off in said story.

But your enthusiasm and my growing love for Ethan makes me ponder signing up.

I'd at least be willing to help out.
:) Ethan kicks over the traces. Ethan messes up your perfect hair. Ethan staggers drunk through the wedding reception and glides sober and elegant through the Dead Man's Party. Ethan is fun. And he never lets Giles set himself in concrete.
What a fantastic description! You should use that as an introduction to more pimping of the ficathon.

I'm tempted, but holy jeez, I recently wrote over 250 pages of Dawn/Ethan, and then a G/E for remix that a mere handful of people read.

But, um, yeah, I'm probably signed up.
I am slacking terribly at work by reading that right now, by the way. Hee! "Kindred Spirits", that is.
I'd love to join in the Ethany fun...but I'm not sure about hitting an August 12 deadline after hitting two SoG deadlines. Is there any hope of putting back the deadline another week or two? My muse is seriously longwinded and notoriously whimsical.
That's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I'd be happy to shove back the whole schedule a couple of weeks.
more Ethan = yaays

... not that I'll join the ficathon. I suck at deadlines and I already intend to spend the summer writing Ethan.

But is a good idea.
1500 words is a high limit for a ficathon--most of them (other than mini-ficathons) tend to set it at 1000, and I don't know if 1500 words would be likely to put people off or not. (It would be likely to put me off--I routinely write stories longer than 1500 words, but I *know* I can write 1000 words about something, no matter how wacky my request is. I cannot be as sure that if I get an assignment I hate as much as, for example, I hated my last Choose Your Author assignment, that I would be able to squeeze out those extra 500 words.)

On the other hand, I'm not your target audience anyway, as an August 12 deadline makes it *extremely* unlikely that I'll be signing up. :)
These things, they are entirely fluid, and feedback like that is what I was looking for. Gileswench already asked for a later deadline. I have no idea what's happening in August, if anything, so ... if there's some date in some other fandom that might cause conflicts, please let me know.
One of the problems for me is that yes, it's after summer_of_giles--just barely after, though, and that means I'd probably end up having to write the fic for it at the last minute. I try very hard not to sign up for ficathons when I *know* it's likely that I won't be able to even start the fic until the last minute; I do that often enough anyway.

Which, obviously, does not mean that you shouldn't do it then; just that my input on it, except if you have questions from a purely technical standpoint about ficathons, is fairly worthless if I'm not even going to consider signing up. *g*
I'd really like to get you writing for it (because I am selfish that way) and since I don't particularly care one way or the other when it is (not really!) I'm totally cool with pushing it later and letting people relax after the public performances of Summer of Giles. (Anybody else having stage fright for that? 'Cause I am.)

The only thing I'm adamant about is more Ethan because ... Just because.
Stage fright? Um, no? *shrugs* Maybe I'm missing something major, because to me, it's just another fic deadline.

Anyway. With respect to the ficathon--you're not going to be able to please everyone. I see that several people have mentioned it as being awfully close to s_o_g, so that may be something you want to take into account. But essentially, there will never be a time that is good for everyone in fandom, or a format that is good for everyone in fandom.

Me writing for it is *not* something you should count on, honestly.
You have no idea how much it terrified me to sign up for my first ficathon last year. (Which was the first maleslashminis Giles round, and I blithely made lots of beginner mistakes with my entry. Gah.) You've been doing this a lot longer than I have, I think.
See, I interpreted that as s_o_g being much more stressful than the run-of-the mill ficathon for you, and that was what I wasn't parsing properly. (Ficathons? Only for about three years. Throwing my fanfic at people, though, a hell of a long time. *sighs* *is old* But, partly, I just don't fret all that much about fic.)
Yeah, I'm up for a later deadline too. My summer_of_giles day is the very, very end of July and this fic is going to eat my brain until then. Am not 100% sure I would sign up anyway - I'm generally afk for much of August and there's that whole thing where I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave the country again - but I would be more inclined if there were a later deadline.
Mmm, September is no good for me because of the leaving the country at the very beginning of the month and trying to adjust to being back in school after two years of screwing around. Probably I should just count myself out for this one, as much as I would like to participate. But I will certainly read!
I think it's a good idea, but I don't do well, with prompts that are given to me.

Maybe you could also allow stories that aren't part of the formal ficathon. Have one structured and one not. I'm really tired, so I hope that makes sense.
While I like that format a lot, I think it's too much work for my first time running one of these. I'd rather make a nice small set of modest, unambitious mistakes.
Min length 1000 words.

Yes, but even for writers who tend to be more comfortable writing long stuff, there are times when you get your ficathon prompt and go "my God, I have to write this?" And then usually it's a case of trying to squeeze out enough words to fit, and it's hard when you're writing something that just doesn't fit you for one reason or another. So while I wouldn't make the length requirement any shorter, I wouldn't make it any longer, either.

And I have no interest in participating in the ficathon, being rather indifferent to Ethan in both the series and in fic. Sorry. Hope you get a lot of other people.
An Ethan ficathon? Great idea, there's something about that character that makes me go all...Sorry, drifted off there for a second :-) I'd love to write for it and do not fear the minumum words limit.

I added the min wordcount thing on the advice of one of the "so you want to run a ficathon" things I read. It said that if you don't, people will write drabbles, and thus disappoint their recipients. I am swiftly learning, however, that there's no pleasin' everybody, so I must make my best guesses and just run with it.