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Let's have some Ethan, then

I am going to run an Ethan Rayne ficathon. I've done the challenge-style ficathon before, for Rupertus Domesticus, but that required almost no work from me other than pimpage. This is more work. I have been reading hints from other people.

Was thinking of asking for prompts that look like this:
- characters or pairings
- brief scenario or prompt
- one thing you don't want
- characters you most want to write
- characters you can't ever write
- anything else you can't write

Heavily inspired by the maleslashminis signup format, which looks well-optimized to me.

Min length 1000 words. (Which feels way short to me, but I realize I'm prolix.)

Timeline: signups until June 30 (Sat), assignments sent July 2 or 3 (Mon or Tues), stories due Aug 19 (Sunday, just under 7 weeks to write). Email reminders sent 3 weeks out and 1 week out. It's looking like the very end of August or even Sept would be better for more people. I'll pick something soon...

I want to time this for after Summer of Giles, but before the fall. Opinions? Suggestions? Donations of heavily psychoactive painkillers? Suggestions for a catchy title?
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