Giles/Ethan friends

Can has more Ethan?

Friends, we need an Ethan Rayne ficathon. Now. Please. Okay, maybe in the near future. Ethan and Giles meeting, casting small magicks for gain and pleasure, getting into small trouble, getting into big trouble, getting together, breaking up, beating each other up, or getting along very nicely thanks. Ethan good, bad, neither, selfish, selfless, smart, stupid, looking stunning in a red shirt, looking stunned with a bloody nose.

(I know, I know, organize it myself, but I'm not very good at such things. I just had a sort of... moment today. Which some of you might be sharing soon.)

Okay. I'm gonna do this. First I need to figure out how these things work. I made a vague proposal the next day; feel free to tell me I'm doing it all wrong :)
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Um. Yes. We do. Definitely.

Unfortunately, I run a ficathon every three weeks as it is.
I think I might be working myself up to run this. In which case I might pick your brains again about ficathons. (You answered a bunch of questions I had once!)
I'm not organizing it, I don't guarantee that I'll write if someone does organize it...but I absolutely support the concept.

Yeah, I have my really useful moments. ; )

Still, if Ethan starts nibbling at my ankles, I'll definitely share with the class.
I've been known to overwhelm the weak, but you are not weak.

Still, the mention of Ethan is making him whisper very naughty things in my ear. Of course he keeps mumbling, but it's still making me hot.

Oh Giiiilllleesss!
Please to be making my girlfriend happy by running this ficathon. *g*

Yes? :D *bounces*

I have a thing where I hit a wall and flail in distress when I have to write Ethan, so I won't sign up, but I will happily cheer from the sidelines. :) *gets an early start* Woo hoo! YAY! GO GO GO! :D It really is a great idea. :)
Ethan is my darker half. Well, not so much lately since my writing muse seems to have run off. But I can provide visuals be they icons, banners and pimpage. Just let me know when and where.
I am going to take you up on that offer! Let me get my head together about this and I'll send you some mail.
I'll let ya know when I figure out what I'm doing. Mostly I've just been reading people's "how to run a ficathon" posts.
There hasn't been an Ethan ficathon for years, and I definitely agree that it's time. I'd love to take part.

Since you seem to be looking for ficathon advice, here's my number one suggestion--limit how specific people's requests are allowed to be. I, personally, won't sign up for ficathons where a lot of the requests are super-specific (e.g., "Giles and Ethan fight vampires and have sex in an alley; please mention two David Bowie songs, platform shoes, the Watchers' Academy and the word "prestidigitation'"). I'm not good at writing fic to order like that--I want a prompt, not a checklist. Others' mileage may vary, of course, but I think what I've said is true for many writers.
I think you're in good company in finding prompts like that difficult to work with. I'll do my best to keep prompts short, and encourage people to rewrite them if necessary. Though this will be my first time doing it, and I'm sure to make a series of classic mistakes. Sigh.

Also: YAY!
Oh, yes. An Ethan ficathon sounds lovely. I'd be interested in participating.
Yay! There's definitely enough interest to run a solid ficathon, then. Watch the usual spaces in the next couple of weeks...