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Can has more Ethan?

Friends, we need an Ethan Rayne ficathon. Now. Please. Okay, maybe in the near future. Ethan and Giles meeting, casting small magicks for gain and pleasure, getting into small trouble, getting into big trouble, getting together, breaking up, beating each other up, or getting along very nicely thanks. Ethan good, bad, neither, selfish, selfless, smart, stupid, looking stunning in a red shirt, looking stunned with a bloody nose.

(I know, I know, organize it myself, but I'm not very good at such things. I just had a sort of... moment today. Which some of you might be sharing soon.)

Okay. I'm gonna do this. First I need to figure out how these things work. I made a vague proposal the next day; feel free to tell me I'm doing it all wrong :)
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