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My Sunday

Have figured out how to get wget to use session cookies and mirror your entire LiveJournal site. Which means, the tool is logged in as you, so you get everything, private posts, flocked posts, and so on. Plus page requisites, so userpics are also saved. It was not immediately obvious how to do it, so I'm writing it up. The results are considerably more like what somebody might expect from a local archive of their site: with images and layout and so on.

If you know what you're doing with wget, the secret is to run it twice. Once to get a session cookie piggybacking on your browser's cookies, then again to mirror all the data. E.g.,
wget --cookies=on --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies wget_cookies.txt --load-cookies /path/to/firefox/cookies.txt --header "X-LJ-Auth: cookie"
wget -r -l6 -H --page-requisites --convert-links -R "*mode=*,*replyto=*,*thread=*,*/friends*" --cookies=on --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies wget_cookies.txt --load-cookies wget_cookies.txt --header "X-LJ-Auth: cookie"

I downloaded my entire freakin' LJ at least three times in the course of testing this and finding the perfect set of mirroring options. LJ's sysadmins have my permission to hate me.

Am now attempting to finish a first draft of "Thusia". This is two weeks early, thus giving me time to get my beta-reader's opinion, and avoid the problems that attended posting "Dust" in a three-quarters-finished state.

Why is it that finishing a story is always followed by this horrible down phase? Even when people mostly like it, I have this reaction. I'd like to skip it next time, please.

PS: If you enjoyed lolcode, you will need the definitive O'Rly guide. Oh, god, I might stop laughing this year.
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