Giles/Buffy chosen

Computer says yes

Instead of emergency smut, we'll have some celebratory smut. Looks like you guys want deeply emotional, weirdly intellectual Giles/Buffy raunch, with hurt/comfort and mild kinkiness, in a new setting. Though many of you wouldn't mind if Xander and snarky banter also got involved.

All right, then! *cracks knuckles, winces, promises never to do that again*

ETA: Oh, dear. The plot idea that just came to me does in fact get Xander involved in ... some fashion.
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This is totally OT, but I wondered if you got the icon email I sent you a while ago. It occurred to me this morning that I'd never heard back from you on that.

*reposts just so I can use one of my new icons, damn it...*
I got it. Because I am a loser, I haven't responded. It's sitting in my "messages flagged as needing response" folder. Gah!
Brain hurts. Will attempt to get started on this tonight. Might resort to a nice glass of whisky instead.