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Poll time!

"Thusia" was going to be my first summer_of_giles story, but given the latest fan apocalypse, I think it would be wiser not to. While I will be finishing it and posting it anyway, I'll post it here. I'm happy to stick my own chin out, but I'm not into making other people stick their chins out for me. It is, as I have hinted before, a story of sacrifices and oaths and prophecy and consequences, set between BtVS seasons 1 & 2. In an AU in which the Watchers are an Apollonian cult. Which, if I do my job right, will either make sense to you or be something you can let wash past.

Anyway. I know what I will be writing instead. And I know what I'm doing on my second day. That leaves... the subject of what I shall write to entertain you and blow raspberries in the general direction of people who annoy us in the meantime. And you know what that means! It's time for...

Fic Poll Mark V, Emergency Smut Edition!

We're going to get Giles laid. How should it happen?
Poll #994134 Fic Poll Mark V

How smutty?

Deeply emotional
Weirdly intellectual


Snarky banter
A little bit of mild kinkiness

How many people?

Solo flight
A twosome of cuteness
Freakin' orgy

Existing 'verse?

Tradition & Protocol
Core Four
Cloud Animals
"Apples, Oranges, and Pears"
"Breaking Glass"
Invent something new.


Other, which I'll tell you in a comment

Optionally, prompt me:

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Excuse me, could you please tell me briefly what exactly is going on?
'm a little confused.
Re: ???
The Sunnydale Herald links to the posts that summarize. In brief, some one person somewhere running an anti-child-molestation vigilante group appears to have convinced LJ/6Apart to suspend a number of fanfic communities and RPG journals that deal with underaged sex. Or with incest in general (age not apparently considered). Fandom is typing recreationally on the issue like woah.
You didn't offer my preference, so I commented, but the space was small, so here it is in more detail: the sword is possessing Giles with the spirit of Ryd; Ryd picks up on Giles's unrequited love for Buffy, but Ryd's love for his partner was requited; the presence of Ryd in Giles gives him the courage to pursue his beloved -- this will involve some interesting twists inside Giles's head [the intellect stuff, including cultural differences and sexual mores of Brits then vs. Brits now], some serious romance [Ryd and his sweetie REALLY loved each other], and a fair bit of pouncing raunch when thing finally get underway due to the enthusiasm of all parties. So it's a twosome, with a non-material third party playing a crucial role. Giles gets his warrior; Buffy gets her warrior....
If that's not too much to ask for. Okay, I'm whimpering. Big eyes of longing. Blinkies. Distant lute music drifting over an electronic remix under the desert sun....puhleeeeze?

'scuse me. Back to my marmalade.
Woah. This has occurred to me, pretty much as you say it. Um. Ur.

You know, I have been resisting letting the UST in that story go anywhere at all, but lordy, all my readers are parsing it as Giles/Buffy. Gonna hafta think about what my unconscious has been doing with that story.
Chiming in to point upward and say "what theblackmare said."

Also, I friended you, I hope you don't mind and since you don't know me from a hole in the ground, you don't have to friend me back. I just like reading your stuff.
Whee! I love it when someone seconds a worthy motion, whether it's mine or not. I do have it on good authority that Ms. Pedia will "think about this story a bit" as she told me in chat. So we can flex our Fervent Hope muscles that it May Come to Pass.

By the way, I friended you back, because you, too, object to tampering with chocolate and are a fan of the late, much-missed Molly Ivans. And as irked at LJ's foolish customer service and stupid response to questionable lobbying as I am. Hi!
Speaking as a mod for summer_of_giles, I have absolutely no problems with you posting Thusia. In fact, Kate and I were just discussing about how we hope this latest brouhaha won't affect posting to the community.

We don't want to censor content and we firmly believe that it's our right and the right of our members to write whatever kind of fanfic they wish, and we support their right to do so.

We really appreciate your thinking of the community, but we actively support a type of environment in which people can post whatever they wish, and would love it if you posted Thusia to the community.

I'm excited most people are voting for b/g. My parents listened to That Was The Year That Was all the time when I was a kid. I loved it.
Whatever you decide to do, I'm with you and can still do a graphic for you. I must admit I haven't started one yet but I'm all ears if you have any wishes/suggestions.
Beach. G & B on the beach, twilight.
Buffy vs the, er, demon antagonist at the end. Or just Buffy in the style of the Giles with sword manipulation that got me going with this :)