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More wandering around London

More London, more theater, more galleries, more just plain walking around. I think I can write the Holmes-meets-Giles story now. I've been seeing more of it in my head, anyway. I have some feel for locations that I didn't have before.

My sister and I did some Forsyte-inspired walking yesterday and today. We walked around Montpelier Square, for instance. A desireable residence indeed. (Though No 62 doesn't exist; the highest number is in the 40s.) One can picture Soames walking round and round in mortal agony. Park Lane, Green Street, the Bayswater Road: all the Forsyte locations studded around the Park.

I should point out that my sister and I both know the novels best, sentimental and second-rate though Galsworthy may be. I'm also a fan of the 1967 BBC production. I don't have the time of day for the recent Granada remake, which treated its viewers as idiots incapable of keeping the large family straight. Fooey on that.

Remind me to post some Forsyte fanfic some day.
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