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Today's link grabbag

schmoopfest is collecting prompts for schmoopy stories. Submission open until June 1st. Multi-fandom.

loltheorists gives us IM IN UR GOTOZ, featuring one of the great thinkers of my profession.

Zing! Gingrich's latest novel needed a copy editor:
On the basis of that detail, you might expect a high level of fastidiousness from “Pearl Harbor.”

And you would be spectacularly wrong. Because you would find phrases like “to withdraw backward was impossible,” sounds like “wretching noises” to accompany vomiting, or constructions like “incredulous as it seemed, America had not reacted.” Although the book has two authors, it could have used a third assigned to cleanup patrol.
And now, the code mines!

ETA: xkcd accidentally gives the way way short plot summary of my current story. HA!
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