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Somewhere in Time updated

gilesbabe updated "Somewhere in time" today with chapter 7. As a public service, and since I went scrambling to find them, here are links to all seven chapters:

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
chapter 6
chapter 7

Fun concept. I like the "Buffy gets to do it all over" story concept, though alas I am not aware of any finished stories in the category.
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Thank you so much for doing this. I'm so fuzzy brained sometimes I didn't even think about people who hadn't read the previous chapters needing to know where they could find them.

Because of this, I did remember to give directions to people for the other story I'm working on. Not the links, I'm techno challenged and don't know how.

Again, thank you for the really nice gesture. Do you mind if I friend you?